I used a little sweet torment to make my little subby bitch push her limits for me.

She was willing to experiment with anal play, and I knew that with some sweet torment, I could easily make her. She and I had met at a little fetish meet and greet that I decided to attend. I have been going to these parties to primarily pick up submissives, but also to pick up skills for scenes that may pique my interest. This hot delicate little thing approached me from behind and just stood there with her eyes at my feet. Obviously, she wanted my attention. I saw that she was holding a drink for me even. How adorable. I turned around and made light conversation with her, and we hit it off. Soon enough, we began discussing the terms of her submission to me.

She liked some of the more vanilla sides of submission.

Her submission was more rooted in bondage, tease and denial, and light pain play like spanking or hair pulling. Some of the things that were up for negotiation were anal play, larger toys, flogging, wax play, and biting. She was so innocent to me. As a sadist, this left very little wiggle room for me, but she was very good at the servitude aspect of submission. I decided to proceed and train her. I explained to her that we were going to do a little anal training and that if she was a good girl, maybe, I would even let her cum. Upon arrival, I instructed her to strip naked and sit on the chair that I pulled into my bedroom.

I tied her legs apart to the legs on the chair.

Then, I tied her arms to the arms of the chair nice and tight. Then I kissed her deeply. I began touching her all over, playing with her tight body. I made sure when I tied her up that her ass was at the edge of the seat. It also reclined a bit, so her holes were mine to train. I pulled out my handy dandy wand and began lightly teasing her clit with it. She thought I was just going to let her cum! Haha! I took it off. Then I kissed her deeply again. I held up a ribbed glass dildo in front of her face. I told her that I needed to get it wet, so I slid it into her mouth—all the while toying with her with my wand again. Then I lifted it and asked her if she wanted to get fucked.

She told me that she did, and I forced her to beg for it. Then, I laughed and pressed it right up against her scared little asshole, and felt it tighten, upon contact. She told me that she did not mean fucked like that and that she had never been fucked like that before. I let her know that I told her it was an anal training and that she begged me to get fucked. I amped up that sweet torment by turning the vibrator up. She looked like she was so desperate to cum that I thought she might cry. It was hilarious. I pressed the toy back up against her ass and told her that if she wanted to cum, she needed to let me into her ass.

She began wiggling around like a little bitch as I tried to slip it in.

I told her that every time she moved, I would take the vibrator off of her. When she began letting me in, I placed the vibrator back down. Slowly, I finally filled her with my glass dildo. She began to squirm around this time, but not because of the dildo. She was about to cum. I fucked her with the dildo while hammering down on the wand. I watched her squirt a huge rush of fluid. She came hard. Her legs trembled in the restraints, and her fists balled up. I knew she could cum again, so I didn’t let off, and I just pressed harder, wiggling the wand faster. She came again almost immediately. Her body went limp, and I untied her. A little sweet torment never did anybody any harm.

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sweet torment