Have you been thinking about your sweet step daughter lately? Was she one of the reasons why you married her mother?

She walks around in the summer in those barely there bikini’s and wears those sexy short shorts that show off her perk little as and long legs, everything about her is like a constant tease and it leaves you rock hard and wanting a piece of that sweet pussy all night. She flirts with you with her eyes, the way she sucks on those cherry lollipops or even the things she says to her mom sometimes like “Mommy I think your husbands really handsome I hope someday I get a guy like him” It all just leaves a build up inside of you.

That slow burn of desire to commit a sin, to fuck your step daughter and show her what a real man can do…

Do you want to seduce her while her mothers away?

Maybe fuck her brains out downstairs while your wife is sleeping upstairs?

Maybe you have something darker in mind? Handcuffs,a blind fold, and a gag to keep her quiet.

You can tell me all about it Daddy, i’ll be your hot pillow bait, your sweet step daughter ripe for the picking.


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