Sometimes the Sweet Sinful Dessert Is Better Than the Main Course.

So, do you fancy a sweet sinful dessert?  I think the main course is overhyped.  There are so many delightful desserts, who needs to eat the main meal?  Of course, we are encouraged to eat those meals for our health.  However, there is something to be said about enjoying dessert first, right?

My husband invited me to a fundraising event to help military families.  Of course, I was so happy to help.  I never expected erotic sex stories to come from just a simple quiet dinner, but it definitely happened!

So I dressed to the nines in something so beautiful.

The dinner was not only a great chance to help, but also to dress up in a beautiful gown.  While there, a hot server approached our table.  She was so pretty in her attire and I got to wondering what she looked like under those clothes.

I chided myself for thinking that way about a complete stranger.  My husband must have seen me because he nudged me.  However, I knew that he was feeling some kind of way too.

I wanted her to be my sweet sinful dessert.

I wanted to taste her so badly.  She didn’t make things any easier by flirting, gently touching my hand, and teasing my husband who was becoming so aroused by the minute.  We talked at length and found out she had no plans after the event.

We decided that she should come over for some after-event fun.  So, it was set!  A while later she knocked at the door and boy was it so worth it.  She wore a slinky red short dress, and heels, and had nice make-up on.

After some talk, we went into the bedroom.  Her name was Jenny and wanted to taste me so badly.  We made out while Tony watched us.  I looked over and saw his hardness bulging under his slacks.

She was so worth the wait!

I kissed and teased Jenny, enjoying the taste of her sweet, smooth skin.  Slowly removed her red dress, then her bra.  I sucked and pulled her hard nipples into my hungry mouth.  What a sweet sinful dessert she was.

Her nipples were so hard.  When I finally removed her panties, there were even more sinful sweets under the cloth.  She was practically soaked.  I teased and played with her clit.  Jenny spread her smooth legs and I went to town on her pussy.

Jenny cried out as she squirted her sweet sinful dessert all over my face.  She was delicious down to the last drop.  She wanted to taste me too, so she dove down between my legs and started to lick my swollen clit.  Tony put his cock in my mouth that he had finally taken out.

He tasted so good as I licked and sucked on his head.  Tony had to strain to not cum.  She wanted to feel some dick then she said she had a surprise, but didn’t say what it was.  She rode him so hard, but wouldn’t let him cum.  He begged and whined like a bitch.

The fun wasn’t over yet.

I made Tony lick my asshole.  His tongue felt so good inside of my tight hole.  Just as he was about to cum she cried out in excitement as she squirted all over his hard cock.

Jenny slid off and said the sweet sinful dessert was not done yet.  I got on Tony’s cock and just rested there.  Suddenly she appeared in front of Tony and behind me.  She lifted his legs up so that I could hold them.

Then, her strap-on slid into his ass hole.  I thought she was going to fuck me, but wow.  He cried out in surprise and pleasure.  My tits bounced up and down as I fucked him hard.

What happened next?  I’m so ready for some phone sex and hungry for my sweet sinful dessert.  Come over and let’s indulge our hottest fantasies together.

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke