Hunting a Sweet Innocent Virgin

I love pampering myself and shopping is one of my favorite ways to treat myself. That’s how I found myself at a Victoria’s Secret shop browsing the sexy lingerie section. I deserved to get some sexy new items, besides they don’t hurt when trying to seduce some hot young stud. However, instead of daydreaming of a hunk with a hard cock while I shopped, I found myself fantasizing about sweet pussy. It wasn’t because the store was filled with only women but because of one hot young salesgirl in particular with the angelic look of a sweet innocent virgin. She busily roamed around the store organizing and stocking items and as she bent over to pick up panties off the floor, I couldn’t help but stare at her curvy ass. 

In fact, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. She was petite but curvy in all the right places. Her long blonde hair flowed past her shoulders and her pouty full lips gave her just the right amount of sex appeal. I knew then that I had to have her, I needed to know what her pussy tasted like.

I picked out a couple of white lace teddies off the rack and approached her. “Hi, how can I help you?” she asked with a big smile. “Can you help me try these on?” I asked her, looking her body up and down. She hesitated for a second, probably wondering what I meant, but then replied with, “Sure, I can.” She followed me into the dressing and closed the door behind us. I thanked her for willing to help me and told her I needed her opinion on how I looked in these teddies. She agreed and I began slowly undressing. 

Catching My Prey 

I slowly slipped off my tight jeans bending over to show her my black G-string between my ass cheeks. Then I faced her to take off my blouse, revealing my see-through black bra. She was trying to look away but she couldn’t help look. She gulped as I removed my bra, fully starring now at my perky tits and blushed as I went to slip my panties off.

“Have you ever been with a girl?” I asked her, seductively dropping my panties to the floor and standing so she could take me all in. “No”, she looked down embarrassed, “I haven’t even been with a guy.” I stepped closer to her, “You’re a virgin?” I clarified. She just nodded with a shy smile, still not making eye contact with me. I didn’t know how right I was, she really is a sweet innocent virgin. 

Right Where I Want Her

This intrigued me more, of course. I love corrupting the innocent. “Are you curious?” I asked her, knowing full well the answer by the way she had stared at my naked body. She finally looked up at me and shrugged her shoulders slightly. I placed my hand on her chin, bringing those full glossy lips to mine and kissed her softly at first, teasing her tongue with mine. Then I kissed deeper and more passionately. She responded hungrily, matching my passion. I began unbuttoning her black slacks but she grabbed my hands to stop me. “I could get in trouble,” she said, suddenly worried. “That’s part of the fun” I smiled at her and continued unbuttoning her pants. She gave in but whispered, “Ok, but we need to be quiet.” “I promise” I replied while dropping her pants to the floor.

I then took off her blouse and she stood there self consciously in her matching baby blue panties and bra, truly embodying the image of the sweet innocent virgin that she was. “Let’s try on these teddies,” I told her, giving her the sexier of the two. She stood with her back to me while undoing her bra then dropping her panties. I slipped on my teddy and watched her, my desire growing more every second. But, I knew I needed to take it slow with her. She turned to me after putting on her white teddy with a G-string between her ass and lace covering her full tits and petite pussy. “You look amazing!” she told me with lust in her eyes. “So do you,” I told her and dropped to my knees in front of her. 

Going in for the Kill

Surrounded by mirrors, this sweet innocent virgin watched me at every angle kiss and tease her tiny pussy through the lace of the lingerie. She breathed heavily trying to keep quiet while we could hear other shoppers talking casually in the store. They were completely unaware that one of the salesgirls was getting her pussy eaten just steps away. This just added to the excitement for both of us. Then, I went in for the kill, I pulled the lace to the side and ate her sweet pussy deeply and relentlessly. 

She could barely contain herself from moaning. She covered her own mouth with her hands to try to keep in her ecstacy. As she got closer and closer to climax she cared less and less about keeping quiet. “Oh my god, Oh my god” she panted between moans. We heard someone giggle in the dressing room next to us but we didn’t let anything stop us. “Yes, Yes” she cried out gripping my hair in her hands as I brought her to a mind blowing orgasm. She spasmed and trembled as I lapped up her creamy nectar. 

I stood to kiss her and share the taste of her sweet pussy. “That was incredible,” she told me, still out of breath. “What if you get in trouble?” I asked her knowing that our secret was out. “It was worth it,” she said, smiling at me seductively without a trace of innocence.  

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