A Mind Blowing Orgasm is just what I needed

I was too tired to cook last night so I decided to order food and get it delivered. It was a really long day so I decided to pamper myself while I waited and took a nice hot bubble bath. I clipped my long golden locks up so as not to get my hair wet. I lit a couple of candles and stepped into the steaming water and sank below the bubbles. To release some tension I closed my eyes to relax. Of course, the best way to release tension is with a mind blowing orgasm.

I massaged my hands down my silky smooth skin starting from my breasts down to my tight waist and finally between my legs. I teased my clit softly with long strokes. My heart began racing from the pleasure and anticipation. I needed my release but I was going to take my time with it. I pressed two fingers inside my tight pussy and opened my legs wider. My breathing increased, I was so close. Suddenly, the doorbell rang! 

A Ruined Orgasm!

I sat up, shocked. I didn’t expect my food delivery to arrive for another twenty minutes. Admittedly, I was pretty upset that I was about to have a much needed mind blowing orgasm and it was interrupted. I stood up in the bath with bubbles clinging to my body and patted dry with a big fluffy towel. Then I wrapped myself in a pink silk robe and headed to the front door.

A young boy of no more than nineteen years old stood there with a bag of food. He looked me up and down with wide excited eyes. I realized in my haste and annoyance to get to the door I didn’t tie my robe. A perfect slit was running down my body between my cleavage and my tight little pussy was on full display. I looked down and giggled. “Oops”, I said but I didn’t make any effort to cover myself up. He seemed to be enjoying the show and I don’t mind showing off my perfect body. 

He slowly handed me the bag of food without a word still looking me up and down without shame. I was about to tell him to have a good night knowing he would have great jack off material tonight but something suddenly occurred to me. “Oh, I forgot to add a tip for you and I don’t have any cash!” I always tip generously so I felt genuinely bad. He smiled and said, “Well, you can tip me in another way.” Then his eyes roamed down to my pussy and he actually licked his lips. I laughed, this young kid had some balls. “That sounds fair”, I told him and stepped back so he could come in. 

Be My Mommy

I figured this kid could help me achieve the mind blowing orgasm that he had interrupted so we were both getting something out of this. He stood in front of me in the hall and opened my robe revealing my tight body still warm and wet from the bath. “Will you be my mommy?”, he asked in a sweet voice. This kid really knew what he wanted!

“Yes, baby”, I told him and led him to the bedroom. I stripped off my robe and he sat on the bed in front of me. “Mommy wants to feed you”, I told him. He immediately began sucking hungrily on one breast then switching to the other. He roughly pulled on my nipples and I began fingering my pussy. “Now mommy wants you to eat her pussy.” “Yes, mommy”, he said as I pushed him back on the bed. I sat on his face and he just as eagerly licked my clit and tongue fucked me. 

Cumming Together

He was pretty good for such a young kid. I thought I was about to cum when he stopped. “Mommy can I please fuck you?”, he begged. “Yes, baby, fuck mommy”, I told him. He stripped his close off in a hurry. To my surprise, he had a big thick cock and now I was really excited. He took charge now and pushed me back onto the bed.

He grabbed my knees, pushed them back and opened my legs wide. His thick cock pounded into me hard and fast. His cock went so far back! I screamed out in pleasure. “I love fucking you mommy!” he cried out and we both shared a mind blowing orgasm at the same time. Luckily, a few minutes later he was ready to go again. My thirst for his cock was not yet quenched. We had a fun night with our mommy son role play fantasy and shared plenty of orgasms. I’m sure this was the best tip he has ever had. 


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