Mommy Son Role Play Fantasy, Every boy loves his mother, but not all of them have a mommy fantasy. We all love to complain about Men being a Mama’s boy, but when my boyfriend came to me with an incest roleplay, I played along. He wants to regress to his younger years, and I am going to be his mother for a night. I’ve met his mom, and she’s a hot MILF, so I can’t blame him for wanting to explore a mommy son role play fantasy about her. I even shopped in her closet without permission. We need to make all fantasies feel like a reality. When a boy loves his mother, he should always get what he needs.


He kept his mother busy in the kitchen while I went into her room and took one of her dresses. She is stunning but dresses like June Cleaver. Respectful and very motherly. It was when I went into her dresser that I found the real woman. Panties in all shades of silk. Some of the undergarments bikini cut, and others french with ribbons and bows. I could tell under that loving exterior, a real woman waited. Her husband never let on that his wife was kinky, but then again, would he want the world to know?


Mommy Son Role Play Fantasy: This was going to be a hot Incest Sex Story

Now I understand the mommy-son fantasy even more. She wants the world to think she is a saint, but deep down inside, she sins like the rest of us. Once I obtained the clothing, I didn’t show my boy what I found because I want it all to be a huge surprise for him. If he wanted his  mother before, he was going to crave her by the end of the evening. I even sprayed it all down with her signature perfume. When I set my mind to something, I make sure I do it right.


I left him in the living room with strict instructions to watch home movies of his childhood. During that time, I transformed into that mommy he craves. My boyfriend almost shot his load in his pants the moment I walked out in her blue dress, white apron, and her sexy high heels. She is beautiful, but I am one sexy bitch and he knows it.


“Baby, come over here and give mommy a big kiss!”


Timid and shy, he came over, wrapping his arms around me, and kissed my cheek. I could feel his dick hard and press against my thigh. “Does my special boy need help with that?” I whisper in his ear. He nodded and turned red with embarrassment.  Leading him to his bedroom, Mommy took his pants down, gasping at the size.


Mommy Son Role Play Fantasy “Oh my. You are getting to be such a big boy for Mama.”

I wrapped my hand around his incestuous cock, stroking him nice and slow. There was no hurry here. I want him to have the fantasy he craves. My delicate fingers stroking my “son’s” cock, using my softest lotion as a lubricant. It was the scent his mother gave me for Christmas, so I knew he would approve.


“My baby boy is being so good. Look at that cock growing for Mommy. I am so proud of you!”


I brought my lips to his dick, kissing the head to leave a smear of pink lipstick. He almost lost it right then, but I wanted him to “lose his virginity” to me. A boy loves his mommy-son fantasy, and I was beginning to love it too. Pushing him down on the bed, I pulled his pants off and my skirt up.  I was soaking wet, and needed to feel that cock inside of my honey hole. A quick removal of his mother’s panties and I straddled his cock, pushing him all the way inside of me.


“Oh god, baby, you got that big dick inside of Mommy finally. Look at you fucking your Mother,” I screamed out, the way his cock felt tonight was different. It didn’t feel like my pussy. It was his Mother’s pussy and he was living out a family fun fantasy in our bedroom. A few strokes in and he came inside of me. I wasn’t far behind. Maybe it was the filthy mommy son roleplay fantasy, or maybe, it was how sick and twisted we are becoming.


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