Sweet Dirty Booty Ain’t Never Shooed Nor Scared Bruce Away

Sweet dirty booty, ain’t never scared me away!  I sort of like it when she doesn’t know to douche that booty out first. Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castle Soap is my preference for cleaning out the booty.  It gives the booty a nice refreshing scent and feeling.

Give me that sweet dirty booty like No. 6 has and I’ll stop my little mind games.  She has such an earthy smell.  You can tell she does cross-fit, pilates, and all that yap.  The way that little runner booty is shaped, will have a man like me lurking in the shadows.

How did I get her?

When I sent out my siren song at the bar and she wasn’t immediately enchanted I knew she had some good pussy.  No. 6 so happens to be one of those girls that you can’t persuade with your words, by serenading her or anything that is auditory.  This gal is all in her head; focused on accomplishing her mission with the least amount of pain possible.  That anxiousness was enough for me to feed off of and read her thoughts.

Once in No. 6’s head, I convinced her that I was just what she needed; a lighthearted man on a mission to please her.  Replaying an altered simulation of the first time she felt loved and overjoyed with each embrace and a gentle kiss that I planted upon her, I mesmerized her and spun her in my web.

Putty in my HANDS!

Oh, her demise has been splendid.  I love a self-conscious, self-centered, insecure little brat. Let the pout and play their games.  She will do most of the work for you by trying to stay 3-steps ahead of you to ensure she gets her way.  This one needs a drink; unfortunately won’t even take a sip.  She loves chocolate and is always running to burn off those carbs.  Terrified of getting fat is she.  She isn’t concerned with random sex either.  The chick is so scared of her own body, she doesn’t know herself well enough to know when she’s ovulating.

Oh!  I can smell that sweet dirty booty a mile away!  She eats pretty clean so she won’t lag in energy.  Consuming greens, a shake for this, and a supplement for that.  This little healthy nut is a mere lab rat.  I like lab rats.  I can prey on their fears of imperfection.  Lab rats are predictable and surely always fall prey to my charms, coercion, and mind games.

When she walked up to me in my hotel suite, I sniffed her out like a dog.  Got to know that booty really well.  That sweet dirty booty smells like a health food store on steroids.  Pushing at the small of her back, rolling my palms up her lower lumbar, flowing all the way up her spine into her neck, she bent over in total submission.  Spreading her legs with my legs.  Nudging her ever so gently with my knees as I took a whiff of that sweet dirty booty that has hints of thyme, coriander, rosemary, ginger, and more.  Massaging that tight booty; moving her cheeks open with my hands.  Motioning for her to tense this part of her quad and gluteus maximus to make it clap for me.

Yes, go ahead girl!  Do yo thang!

It was truly a feast!  I felt as if I had been eating a bit of Thanksgiving, Medterrainin, and an herbal equivalent of Red Bull.  Swirling my tongue in and out of that thang.  In, and out!  Rolling it in and all around it.  Slurping and sucking on it.  Digging it in so deep that I could taste her secrets.  Licking it like a slobbering dog coming in from a hot summer day to his water bowl.

Cum chew the fat with me for a bit of taboo phone sex.  We can play the siren head game, or I can show you how much of a dick sucking tramp I am.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke