So, it’s early and you’re naked, hot water pouring over your skin.

You’re humming your favorite song to yourself as you’re cleaning your body. Of course, showers are always a good source of privacy, so eventually, you find yourself stroking that cock of yours. Finally, things are getting sweet and steamy and your cock is harder than a rock! Next, your hand keeps changing places so you don’t cum too quickly, you want this to last. Yes, use your other hand to squeeze your balls. Then, you move faster and faster until, suddenly, your cock squirting cum on the side of the tub and slowly sliding down towards the drain.

You take a deep breath and you hear the bathroom door creaking open. As you peek through the shower curtain, you see me. Next, I’m standing in front of the mirror untying my black silky rope. Then, the silk material falls to the floor around my freshly purple painted toenails. You admire my perky breasts and watch as my nipples harden. My pussy is bald and my skin is smooth. Next, I join you in your sweet and steamy shower. Finally, I press my wet naked body against yours as we taste each other’s tongues.

Then, my lips trail down your body as your cock gets hard again.

Next, as I’m stroking your smooth cock, my lips meet the tip. My lips caress the tip of your cock and you start to grow in my mouth. Watching me with those hungry eyes of yours really turns me on! Next, you observe as I reach my hand outside of the tub and grab a purple dildo. I suction cup it to the shower wall and look up at you with my horny eyes. Next, I’m bent over in front of your cock, ready to taste it again. Then, as I slip your cock down my throat I slowly back my ass into the dildo. Slowly pushing it deep inside of me moans escape my lips as I’m sucking your cock. 

Don’t you love the vibrations of my moans on your cock?

Your mind is blown as you watch me fuck my ass. My asshole is gaping open and you’ve never seen a more beautiful sight. Finally, the dildo slid out of my ass and I slid it into my pussy. Then, I’m fucking myself nice and hard as I choke and moan on your cock. Next, I feel your cock twitch and I can feel you grabbing my hair and pulling my mouth off your cock. I watch you aim and shoot. Before I knew it, my face was covered in cum! Then, soon after all of that cum was followed by a messy golden shower! Your cock squirts all of that warm piss all over my face and breasts!

We’ve made such a mess! It’s a good thing we’re in the shower!  You can’t get enough. I feel your hands grip my hips and turn me around. My mouth was now level with the dildo and I feel your cock pushing into my asshole. As you pushed yourself inside of me, you push my mouth onto the dildo.

Is this your favorite sweet and steamy shower fuck yet?

Watching me gag turns you on, doesn’t it? Naughty boy! Reach your hand around my throat and slowly tighten your grip. Next, I want us to cum together! Then, I’ll rub my clit as you choke and fuck me from behind. Watch me shove that dildo down my throat. I rub myself faster and faster as you’re pounding me. Finally, I feel your cock pulse inside of me and we both let out loud moans as we cum together.

Finally, I feel you pull your cock out of me and I feel a warm stream of piss running down my asshole and down my cum covered pussy. Then, when I stand up, you see your cum dripping out my loose asshole. Next, let me feel your tongue lick and taste my all that cum and your piss! That warm tongue of yours feels amazing! I love a sweet and steamy shower fuck!

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