Superhero Sex Powers and Appetite Could Be a Real Issue

Superhero sex, is that really a thing?  Do superheroes exist? Aren’t they just mystical creatures and mutants anyway?

Who is your favorite superhero?

Does your superhero have a high sex drive?  How about tons of sex appeal? What superpowers does he/she possess?

Sensuality is my issue with female superheroes.  Many of them seem far too masculine for my taste.  Wonder Woman and Lois Lane resemble one another, yet Lois is no Amazon. I’ve been both for Halloween, and find myself feeling more at home in my slinky satin nighty with long dark tendrils of buttery soft hair framing my face as if I were Lois Lane.

My preference is the guy that is overlooked and yet has an alternate personality of Superman.  Give me the guy that doesn’t want every gal in the bayou to flaunt, floss, flirt, and grovel all over him as if he was fresh meat on the auction block.  Strong in his own rite.  Knows his lane.  Loves to admire me near and from afar.  Be my secret admirer.  Just don’t stalk me.  I may have to stomp you out!

Make Me a Giant!

If I could have superhero sex, I’d like to be a giant.  Make me a Giantess!  Let me stand over you.  Better yet, tower over you.  Put me in stilettos with a pointed toe.  Give me crotchless panties and tons of skirts for all of the guys to peep under.

Make me muscular as if I were Xena Warrior Princess.  Seductive as the succubus Bo from the SYFY Original “Lost Girl.” Sucking chi isn’t all that I’d do to you.  Cum in me!  DP me! Suckle on my ripe melons, and drink from my mounds.

So, That’s Your Cock?

Not to be offensive, but you are going to have to bring more to the table than the average human cock!  Tickle me with your pencil dick.  Rub and knead my giant pussy as you dip your entire body in it.  Get lost in it.

Superhero Sex!

What if you had the superhero power of speed?  Flip it, stroke it, thrust it down until I can’t say a word.  Dip in and out of my friends and me, as if you were playing Duck-Duck-Goose.

Pump me, pump her, pound that one too!

Superhero sex could be all so much fun!  If you could fly, we could get it on right in front of your wife’s window.  She would totally have a cow!  Show her how you make me run like a river.  Turn to the side and spray her face just as she opens the window.

Make superhero sex even better with teleportation.  There is no need for hot phone sex, cam girls, strippers, long-distance relationships, or frequent flyer miles.  Pop up in the shower and slam me against the wall.  Drill me into the wall with your magic stick!

Mmmm… It is so slippery!

It is a good thing you have Spiderman’s suction on your hands and feet.  Don’t slip and slide down the drain, when you can slide up in my guts. Bang that cunt out balls deep.  Linger on the bottom where you belong.

Please excuse me, I’m so clingy.  I just want to wear your skin.  Did I acquire it via science like on “Get Out,” or a magic potion on “Lovecraft Country?” Those potions can be addictive.  The question is, what kind of addictive?  Chocolate, cocaine, alcohol, opiates, lubby dubby…?

Call me and we can do a roleplay with cuckold homicidal transformation sex, superhero sex, Giantess, or anything that your heart desires.  I like to play games that lead to tons of cum shots!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke