Cuckold Homicidal Transformation Sex Can Be Scary and Thrilling

Cuckold homicidal transformation sex can be scary and thrilling at the same time. My husband died on the floor of a coffee shop bathroom because I’m a sloppy slut that constantly cheats on him.  I’m such a nympho, I didn’t realize he was both a cuck and a werewolf.

How Oblivious Am I?

I’m self-absorbed.  Asking you how you are is simply a formality.  Give me my Vitamin D!  Don’t make me beg you to cum in my mouth.  Drop your pants.  You know the drill.  When you get home, wash your cock and balls.  Be prepared for me to pounce on you!

Jared is always asking about my sexual activities and is very forgiving.  I eagerly share the gory details and feel remorseful doing so.  He’s such a good man and tries so hard to manage his aggression.  I mess up often, yet he forgives me every time.


Hi Jay.  Have a seat.  You know I love you and appreciate your forever loving and giving spirit.  Today, I fucked up royally.  I was in the elevator having sex and got caught.  They terminated me on the spot.  My brother bailed me out of jail a few minutes ago.  Grabbing coffee now, would you like any?


Hello.  Jared, are you there?


Jared responds: “Yeah, I’m here Brandy.”

Brandy: See you soon!

What A Week!

We have had a meteor shower, a total eclipse, and the new moon.  The month we shall have the 13th full moon of the year.  No wonder why my sex cycle is going bonkers.  Jared has been going camping and working out a ton.  He tends to get super quiet when his anger cannot be managed.  We have our best sex when he is angry.

Maybe, I shouldn’t have been so honest with him.  When I pulled up to the coffee shop Jared’s friend Ryan made a pass at me.  Ryan pays for our coffee, feels me up, and like a the crazy bitch I am, I found myself in the bathroom bent over the counter.  Both a stranger and Ryan were drinking from my lady cup.  Scissoring my nipples, smacking my face with their cocks, and DP me on the bathroom counter.

The door flies open.  This cuckold homicidal transformation sex begins as the door slams against the wall.  Jared stands there watching and grunting like a bull.  His eyes turn yellow.  Ryan pulls out and pushes me to my knees as he jizz off on my face.  The other guy pleads with Jared, and they cordially shake hands.  Ryan steps to Jared in arrogance and ignorance.

Ryan: How Is That Community Pussy Treating You? #freindsshare

Jared: Dude, you just broke guy code.  I’m a cuck, not some punk-ass that tolerates disrespect.

(Shoving and punches thrown)

I clean myself up and let them fight. Jared’s eyes turn yellow.  Claws come out of nowhere and he grabs me.  Rips my panties off.  Sniffs me like a dog.  Licks me like a crazy puppy.

That Tickles!

The next thing I knew, Ryan was in my butt and Jared was in my hot pocket.  This cuckold homicidal transformation sex was so good.  Yet they were still fighting.  Until Jared howled out.  His cock grew three to four inches in length.  Just like a dog, he busted over and over again; yet was still hard and strong.  My husband is a werewolf! Acknowledging this sent me from overstimulated to a frenzy of ejaculate.  It is one thing to squirt or cum, but female ejaculate is an entirely different ballgame.

Just as Jared’s bones start to crack, and his face transforms, Ryan pulls out a rifle and blast Jared’s shoulder off.  Jared scratches and mauls Ryan.  All this chaos was the thrill of my life.  Who knew cuckold homicidal transformation sex was so dirty?

Cat Daddy Jesus is going to have to find me a good lawyer.  I’m just a cheating wife that can’t get it together.  I’ll tell you all about it in our telephonic relief session. 0

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke