Look, I know living as an adult diaper lover is not easy. Add in being an adult baby too, and it is tough. It is hard finding people that understand you. That is why I love being the best Sultry Diaper Lover Mommy. My boys know I am here for them. I completely understand them and what they need. Not only that, but I am also happy to change those dirty diapers.

So many caretakers want to cuddle and be there without giving you the whole package. They like being your big, rubbing your tummy, and changing your pee-pee diaper. However, when it comes to that doo-doo, they are gone and want no part of it. Shame on them. Not me, I am here for you sweetie, for all you need.

Sure, this Sultry Diaper Lover Mommy is into the hugs and cuddling.

However, I am also here for the tough stuff. If you are only into regressing into a baby state, that is what we are going to do during our Mommy Phone Sex sessions. I will be the strong Mommy you need. Taking care of every need, from feeding or nursing you, bathing you, changing you, and dressing my handsome big boy. I will make sure you are wearing the cutest of clothes.

When it is bedtime, I will sing you the loveliest of lullabies. As you fall asleep in my arms, nursing on my breasts, I will run my fingers through your hair so you sleep peacefully. It is Mommy’s goal to give you the best time as my adult baby and diaper lover. Now, if you want to take in a different direction, you only have to let me know.

This MILF is up for that as well!

Are you only into wearing the diapers to get aroused? Perhaps the Sultry Diaper Lover Mommy you are searching for is open to a lot more than cuddling. You are looking for a naughty mommy that is willing to rub your hard cock through the crinkling diaper. If this is you, my Busy MILF Diaper Changes are right up your alley!

I love being a dirty mommy and playing with my boy in his pamper or dinosaur diaper. He is so sexy in his onesie as he obeys he Sultry Diaper Lover Mommy no matter what she commands him to do. Are you a good boy or a bad boy? Of course, I am not afraid of punishing my diaper lovers. I will happily take you over my knee in your diaper.

I love the feeling of your hard dick through the diaper on my legs.

Then, you feel my leather paddle connecting with your ass and the diaper. I can feel your cock dancing in your diaper, you naughty boy! I know your type. You are misbehaving on purpose. Good, I like that in my diaper lovers. Now, get down on all fours and crawl across the room for Mommy! That’s it. Of course, when you get back over here, I will have my panties off and you can lick my tight sexy pussy.

Don’t go too fast. Furthermore, take your time. I like watching you crawl like a baby. Consequently, my pussy is getting nice and wet for my good boy. There we go, here let me spread these sexy legs for you. Come on, get in there, and taste my juices, baby boy.

Sultry Diaper Lover Mommy

Are you looking for the right Sultry Diaper Lover Mommy? Call me and we discuss how I am the right fit for you. I promise you will not be disappointed. I love my sweet babies.