My friend told me this sugar daddy story the other night

My friend told me this sugar daddy story the other night. She’s involved with this older man that treats her like gold. She said men her own age have no real clue how to treat a woman, but older, wealthy men do. Some are widowers, others just have disinterested wives, so they get bored and need excitement in their lives. She met him on one of those sugar daddy websites you read about. He’d liked her profile and pics and messaged her, they met for drinks and things took off from there. She made it all sound very glamorous and exciting and I wondered if I could find one, too.

He was old money, and a lot of it

She offered to help me set up an effective profile on one of those sites. And She asked me first to spend the weekend with her and the sugar daddy to see how it went. I was surprised she’d want a third wheel tagging along, but it went great. He was old money, and a lot of it, and generous with it. I never dreamed I’d benefit in any way from this weekend invite, but I did. He seemed tickled pink to have two lovely ladies in his care. He insisted we all go shopping and buy new dresses and shoes for dinner.

I Had No Clue What To Expect

He paid for some gorgeous expensive outfits. We had a lovely meal and then went back to his house. This was a mansion. I assumed they would want to be alone when we got back after the dinner. I excused myself to go back up to the guest room I’d been put in. I’d never been in any kind of sugar daddy story before, so had no clue what to expect. He asked if I’d stay with them and visit and have a nightcap. I agreed.

He Asked Me To Stay

We went down to the wine cellar and got a very expensive bottle of wine and went back up with it. We enjoyed it and had some nice conversation. Then he started to kiss my friend. Again I thought this was my cue to leave. He asked me again to stay. He said it had always been his fantasy to watch two lovely, young ladies play together.

Could I be persuaded to do this if he was extra generous with me? Was interpreting this correctly? I asked my friend in hushed tones if he was offering me money to play with her for his entertainment? She nodded discreetly and said it was up to me. She then mentioned an amount she thought he’d be willing to give me. My mouth dropped at the amount. I certainly hadn’t come here for this, but for the equivalent of a few months salary for a couple of hours? And all for hot sex? Yes. I’m game.

There Was A Big Smile As He Watched Us

He looked pleased at my decision. He leaned back in his leather chair in the library we were in. She and I took to the rug in front of the fireplace at his feet. It was basically starring in his own porno for money, oh well, eye on the prize. She reached over and kissed me. We were both on our knees. We slowly pulled our clothes off and she reached over and began to rub my pussy. I glanced over at him and he was smiling as he watched her finger me. She rubbed my very wet clit until I came. And then She then laid back on the rug and parted her legs for me.

She Grabbed Me By My Hair And Pushed My Face Between My Legs

I buried my face between her thighs and began to lick. I looked over at the sugar daddy watching us and he was in seventh heaven it seemed. He was rubbing his cock watching us. I went back to her pussy and tasted her wetness. I nursed on her clit until I made her thighs shake. She grabbed me by the hair and pushed my face just where she wanted it and she soon exploded in orgasm. We lay there catching our breath. It was clear that our efforts pleased our sugar daddy.

This Was  The Beginning Of A Profitable Partnership

The next day when I was on my way home he asked if I might like going on a vacation with him and my friend. All expenses paid, of course. I smiled and said yes. I was given a gift box as I left, I opened it and there was another dress inside as well as an envelope. And  I opened it and there was a few thousand dollars in cash. And  I was speechless. I think this might be the beginning of a very nice and profitable partnership. I wouldn’t have thought of myself as being in any kind of sugar daddy story. It seems however I’d just been made a part of one.

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