My New Sugar Daddy Has A Foot Fetish

Surprise, I have a new sugar daddy. Now I have the two things I love most, older men and money! Because let me tell you, he spoils me so much. Anything I want, he buys me so this past weekend I had to surprise him with something he has been hinting about. What is it you may ask, well, he has a foot fetish so when he came to pick me up I had him come up to my building. That’s when the fun really begins!

That morning I had gone to get a sexy pedicure so when he arrived I was ready for the fun. I surprised him by being barefooted and wearing sexy lingerie. But he didn’t pay much attention to what I was wearing. All he wanted to do was drool over my pretty toes. Being the good little slut that I am I told him to get on his knees and start licking them. Oh, and he did! He was so eager and honestly, it felt so good having his tongue on my pretty toes. Without planning, it soon became my fetish too.

For the grand finale and once my toes were nice and wet, I made him lay on my bed. I sat right in between his legs and started stroking his cock with my feet. He started moaning so load, precum was oozing as soon as he felt my toes wiggle right on the shaft of his cock. I started stroking faster and faster. I just loved hearing him moan and groan. It actually turned me on and I started playing with my little pussy. When he was ready to explode I let him do it all over my pretty feet.

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