Want A Pantyhose Fetish Sex Video?

Lately, I’ve been into men with a pantyhose fetish. I find it incredibly sexy that when I put on those silky, see-through, shiny things, I can get away with anything around them. In fact this weekend I made my boy toy’s fantasy a reality. How did I make that happen? I bought some sexy lingerie, layered it over a pair of nude pantyhose and gave him a little tease that ended up with him worshipping my pussy till I came all over his face.

It all started one night when he came over. He thought we were going to go through our regular sex routine, but since he has already expressed how much he wanted to see me in pantyhose, I had a surprise for him. I waited on my couch and when he opened that door, his jaw dropped. What did I do next? I made him sit right in front of me to enjoy a little show I put just for him. I slowly swung my hips back and forth. Bending over for him and showing him my perfect ass in those tight, nude spandex pantyhose.

It didn’t need much for him to be stroking for me and begging to worship me.

I watched him stroke as I pulled those pantyhose down, midway on my thighs and started playing with my pretty pussy. After that, when he saw my toes pointed out while still wearing those nude pantyhose, he had to taste me and I let him do it. First, he has to kiss from my toes to my thighs. When started eating me out I was still wearing those pantyhose. As I played with my tits and looked down on him, I came so hard.

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