I was born in 1969 and ofcourse it is my favorite position. I love it when a guy licks my clit. Hell, I love it when a woman licks my clit. There is a real technique to oral sex that makes it feel good. You can’t go in like your eating a hamburger. With a woman’s pussy you have to take your time and be very sensitive to the clitoris or clit. That is a woman’s sweet spot. When you lick my clit just right my pussy will rain and pour the juice that squirts as creamy goodness. Once you lick and suck my clit just right then it’s so hot to slide that long tongue all the way up inside my juice wet pussy.

Position 69
Position 69


I should taste really sweet and it should feel really slippery. When you suck and lick me in Position 69 then my head is in the right position to give you some great head. And trust me I know how to suck that cock of yours. I know how to slide my tongue up and down the shaft of that cock of yours and take it all the way to that fat mushroom head. Oh honey and trust me I know how to open not just my mouth but also my throat so you can slide that stiff hard cock down my throat.

Oh yes, my favorite position will always be the year I was born baby. For this sexy MILF……Suck and lick me in Position 69.