You Crave A Fantasy Sex Story This Hot!

This is a fantasy sex story that’ll have you wanting more.

Even though you are sleeping, this isn’t a dream. I am here because you need me. You called for me, every cell in your body is screaming for me. I am the human manifestation of your lust, of your appetite for the taboo. You designed me, I am the mere image of what you’re craving. My tight teen body is what your cock craves but that doesn’t mean you own me. I will fuck with your mind, I will take your heart into my hands and make it mine. From now I own you, no one else. Every single naughty thought you have will be for me and only me.

When you are around people you will not remember me but once you are completely alone with only your thought you will yearn for me. I may look angelic, almost holy but I am nowhere near celestial. You have heard about me though, I am a succubus. I will drain you of your seed and I can do it without you even feeling it. What is the fun in that though? As I can see your cock in hard under those sheets. Go ahead, play with it. Pull it out and stroke it looking at my perfect figure hovering right above you.

It feels as if I am bouncing up and down on it, fast and hard on your cock but I am still. Everything is in your mind. I am looking at you, straight into your eyes and I can see through them just how raunchy you really are. Every fantasy that you’ve ever had are being played back to me, like an adult movie that never ends. Cum for me. It will not go to waste. Your release, however, won’t extinguish your hunger for me. It will only be intensified now. I will use you again, and again, it is only until I have nothing to take from you that I will no longer visit you.

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