A sex story full of mischief..

A sex story I absolutely love to tell. So, you already know how much of a tease I can be.. Well, sometimes it doesn’t work the other way! I love getting it rough, so of course I like to tease a little so I’ll drive someone desperate enough to give me what I want. But what this boy-toy didn’t realize, was that if he teased me as revenge, he’d get it right back. He thought it’d be a little fun to fuck me slow, sweet, so good and yet so mean, knowing that I wanted it harder.. The next time we played, I made him beg, harder than he ever made me. Is that a little spiteful?

I can be a sweet little tease, or a mean little bitch!

He got to see both sides of that in this little sex story. The next night we got to play, I made sure to break out all the little tricks. I blindfolded him, handcuffed him, and undressed him so slowly. Kisses up and down his chest, his neck, little bites mixed in too.. And the more I stroked his cock, the harder he got, the more he throbbed for me. With every kiss and lick, I could feel him coming closer to the edge, but I wouldn’t let him off of it. I’d pull away or give it a little slap, punishing him with every move I made. The poor sweetheart had no idea what kind of mess he’d gotten himself into with me..

You don’t play games with a little tease like me, I’ll come right back and make you beg for more. And he did, for hours and hours on end that night. Every time he got close, I’d take it all away.

Come play with me. Your Taboo Phone Sex Princess

Craving a little taboo phone sex, baby? Tell me all the dirty little secrets you can’t tell anyone else..