Succubus Masturbation Stories. Straight from the Whore’s Mouth!

Have I got a succubus masturbation story for you!? My name is Joey and what follows is how I became what I am. I’m a known whore and masturbator from day one. But, what most people never suspected is that I have a really ‘good girl’ exterior. Oh, that gets them going! I happen to feel like pleasure should be a given at any time. If I feel like it, I’ll pull my nipples to the surface and give them a stroke. Stuck on a commuter train home? Dildo to the ass! Yup! I’ll put something over my lap and rub my little clitty! So, it’s little wonder how I ended up in the predicament I’m in! Thank GOD for my sexy beast training!

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE being the freak of my Succubus masturbation stories. I have a higher sex drive than anyone I’ve ever met. At first, I really enjoyed the toys that went along with my fetishes. But, I always thought that what was done on Earth, stayed on Earth. Wrong! Debauchery follows into hell! Oh, I recall the days when I’d train a high-powered telescope on other neighbors watching their antics as I took it up my ass! Then, I found myself out driving around looking in windows for strangers to have my way with.

Where to Start my Naughty Stories?

Need more of my Succubus masturbation stories before our hot phone sex play? Okay. Here we go! I started breaking into houses after the occupants left for work; masturbating and cumming all over their houses and produce. What? I said I have NEEDS! Heehee. Moreover, I seduced and fucked all of them in the most debaucherous ways. But, then something happened that landed me in the grip of another being as horny as me! It made me an offer of sex beyond anything on the planet. Of course, I jumped at that!

So, here’s where I am today, ad it eXXXplains my Succubus masturbation stories. I’m now shackled to a stone wall in the basement at the mansion of my latest master. Here, I sit on the cold floor waiting to serve. Oh, no! It’s not just my master. I serve all he brings to me. Then, I serve the Master. I suck all of the juices from his stone-hard cock. I lick his ass and balls, devouring and drinking from them all. The change was happening slowly, but it was happening.

Things that CUM with Masturbation Stories!

That last morning of my Succubus masturbation stories, I woke with three men drinking from me like CUM Vampires! I’m quite the heavy sleeper once I pass out from all that fucking. Once the change happened, I’ve been possessed by the demon of sex! My latest “client” is a mysterious gentleman who rarely speaks, but he sure loves to hammer my pussy. And don’t even get me started on his tongue. It’s almost other-worldly!

There’s always more fucking to do, but now it’s my full-time gig. Careful, Baby. You could wake up CUMming for me in the middle of the night. I can read your dreams and they say you need to relax and release with a sexual demon hell-bent on taking everything you’ve got! So, that’s how I always finish my Succubus masturbation stories! Join me. You KNOW you’re intrigued! Be my sex slave! Haha.

Kisses and licks,

Just Joey Succubus Masturbation Stories