I Love Being His Obedient Sex Slave

Last week, I told you about my adventures in Japanese rope bondage with Grayson, my Dom. Well, it turns out I just couldn’t get enough of him. He asked me to be his obedient sex slave and I agreed without hesitation. Being controlled by him was absolutely intoxicating and I couldn’t wait to submit completely to him. After he tied me up and pleasure-tortured me with countless orgasms, I started to crave him. It’s like he had a spell over me. I guess that’s exactly what you’d want in an obedient sex slave. So, I knew we were a good match. 

Fulfilling His Desires  

Grayson gets off on controlling my every move, my every decision. For the last week, he has told me what to do and when to do it. He even tells me what to wear and what not to wear. I never knew how hot this could be. And every night he dictates exactly how we are going to fuck and what we are going to do. He often ties me up and whips me until I beg him to fuck me. But, sometimes, as his obedient sex slave, I’m not allowed to speak. So, I just have to wait until he tells me what to do next. 

The best thing about my master is that I cum many times during our sexual adventures. I actually lose count! Even though I’m his sub, I always get so much intense pleasure from his mouth, his cock, and his hands. That’s what keeps me coming back for more, every single day. His favorite thing to do is pleasure-torture and I think it’s my favorite too. I often think I couldn’t possibly cum again but then he manages to get me squirting again in no time.     

But, sometimes Grayson wants it to be all about him. And I’m definitely ok with that. He loves for me to worship his cock. I mean, what guy doesn’t like that?! But, he has a cock of steel and can hold his load for ages. So, the other day, I sucked his cock and balls for hours. My jaw ached but an obedient sex slave never complains. Plus, it was amazing when he finally shot his load all over my face! 


Well, I made my first mistake last night with my master. I showed up to his penthouse 30 minutes late. For the first time, he was angry with me. I apologized but I still needed a punishment.

He sat fully clothed on his couch and held a large wooden paddle in his hand. He told me to strip naked. So, I obeyed, of course. I tried to do it sensually so he’d go easy on me. When I took off my bra, I gave my big tits a little shake but he was still so serious. Before I took off my red lacy panties he told me to lean over his lap. Once in position, he had me lower my panties. 

Then, with all his strength, he spanked my ass over and over until it was red and bruised. I cried out but never told him to stop. My master would determine when my punishment was complete. The pain and the vibrations of the paddle actually tingled my clit. So, what I really wanted was to beg for more. Slowly, I got closer and closer to orgasm and after countless spanks, I finally convulsed with pleasure. 

It turns out my punishments are just as good as everything else we do. I’m really enjoying being his obedient sex slave.

Do you want to be my master too? Call me let’s have some kinky phone sex!