I’ll be your submissive sugar baby.

I heard that you’re looking for a submissive sugar baby. Look no further, daddy! I’ll be the perfect little trophy girl for you to show off to all your friends. Don’t let a silly little thing like my age get in the way of the amazing fun that we can have together. I’ve seen the way you stare at me when I walk by. It’s totally not a coincidence that I always have on tight short little outfits that show my body off to perfection. I’ve been trying to get your attention for a while now.

From the size of the bulge in the front of your pants, it looks like I’ve got it. You can’t tear your eyes away from my creamy smooth skin and my perky little tits. Are you undressing me with your eyes? I bet you want to know what my puffy pink nipples and my tiny little bald slit look like. You’re feeling the urge to lift my skirt and press your lips to my tight round bubble butt. You don’t have to wonder and crave me. Why don’t you take me for a test drive? I’ll prove what a good submissive sugar baby I can be for you.

Even a test drive isn’t free though. I’ll make you feel so good, and I’ll show you just how talented I am. In return, it’s your job to spoil me and give me everything that I want. Let’s go to the mall and do some serious shopping. I just love pretty things and you want me to look amazing when you’re showing me off to all your friends don’t you? Let’s make them jealous at how young and tight and well dressed my body is.

Your friends have old, dried-up wives that are prudes and can’t even get them off.

Not you! You’ve got a young little fuck toy that will do anything and everything to make you explode. You can dress me up like a pretty little barbie doll and I’ll put on a personal fashion show for you. Now it’s time for the striptease and the lap dance! Unlike some strip clubs that are hands-off, I’m all about the hands. I want to feel your big strong hands all over my body, squeezing and spanking me. Once your hands explore my body, I want to feel those lips on me.

I bet you’re ready to feel my lips on you too aren’t you? Once you do, you’ll know I’m the perfect submissive sugar baby sex doll for you. I’m ready to suck your cock balls deep. I won’t just suck it, I’ll worship it for you, taking my time. Feel my soft pouty pink lips, sucking and licking you all over and I won’t forget about those cum filled balls either. I’m not going to stop until you explode in my mouth and I swallow every last drop of that delicious hot cum. Then when you’re ready to go another round, I have two more holes for you to pick from.

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