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Just imagine all of the naughty things I can do in the bedroom, or in the car, or in the yard, or anywhere you want really. I’ll be the hottest no limits sex doll ever! The size of the bulge in the front of your pants makes me wanna just drop right down to my knees, here and now. Let me slide that zipper down and show you just what I can do with these pouty pink lips. I don’t just suck dick, I worship it, licking and teasing and kissing every inch of your cock and balls.

Don’t cum in my mouth though, not this time anyway. As much as I love being a little cum eating slut, I want to feel that big thick cock buried deep inside of me. Sit back and enjoy the show while I strip down out of my clothes and get on my hands and knees. Fuck me doggystyle and make me scream while you pound me like a fuck doll. I want to feel your balls slapping up against me, then shoot that hot load of cum deep inside of me.

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