I just love being a naughty cum eating princess!

Going on vacation with my friends was a total blast. Besides all of the fun that we had together, I got to be a total cum eating princess. We had a long drive ahead of us so we switched off driving and stopped at a few rests stops along the way. It led to some really hot public sex stories. I had no idea that rest stops were such prime cock sucking spots. It’s probably because so many truckers stop there. They’ve been on the road for so long, all alone with big hard cocks that need attention.

Of course, being the good little cum eating princess that I am, I was more than happy to help them out. It all started out on a dare. My friends all know what a horny little slut I can be so they joked around that I could have my pick of the truckers. At first, I just giggled and brushed it away. But before long, I just couldn’t help sizing up those big manly looking truckers. All it took was a little wriggle of my tight teen ass to get their heads turning and their cocks popping right up.

Finally, I decided what the hell, I’m going to go for it.

I came up behind one super sexy trucker and whispered for him to meet me in the bathroom. Once I had him in that stall, I didn’t waste any time. I dropped to my knees and slid that zipper right down. My pussy was drenched as soon as that thick, meaty cock popped out in my face. I gobbled it up like I was starving, deep throating every single inch of him. I was so turned on that I had to finger my cunt while I was sucking him off. It didn’t take long before I got a big sticky hot load of cum down my throat and I came so hard! He might have been the first, but he definitely wasn’t the last trucker that I sucked off on my vacation.

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