A submissive slave is always fun to torment.

Submissive slave punishments are always delightfully masochistic when I’m in charge. My submissive pet has a fetish for being spanked, and who could blame him? He loves it when I light his ass up and make it sore for a week, if possible. The last time that we played, we even got to play a game of his own making. Usually, we play a type of card game that he also devised for fetish phone sex play. An initial draw decides how many rounds we go. Each round is another card draw, which could result in anything from 1-100 spankings. I then get to decide if he gets it on each cheek or overall, and what instrument he uses.. But last night, my little masochist toy really wanted to go all out. The stakes were higher, and I have no doubt that he’ll regret sitting down all week.

It was a dice game.

We changed it up quite a bit! And of course, he loved getting a rise out of me and trying to sass me. He knows it gets my mean streak going and once that happens, I can be a cruel bitch. Previous games might have amassed a thousand spankings if he got lucky. This game, we definitely went over a thousand, perhaps well over five thousand lashes per cheek. I’m quite a fan of seeing his cheeks turn red, and the little grimace when he feels the sting as he sits down. Can you blame me? I’m a cruel little bitch, and he’s such a sweet submissive slave that he eats it right up. There were quite a few other things we got to do too. He did everything from writing all over himself to pissing on some clothing that I did not approve of.

Don’t think I’m a massive cunt just yet.

It’s just that the little asshole thought he could proudly wear a shirt that said ‘Alpha Male.’ He wore an old, ratty set of granny panties that said ‘Boss’ on the front as well. At that point, I thought he was delusional. Are you kidding me? I was so pissed he still HAD that thing, that it had to be destroyed somehow. He donned a giant, cheeky smile when he put it on. It only made me want to get it off of him faster. So the first thing I did was have him tear it off and lay the shirt on the floor. After that, I had him bunch up the panties in the glass of beer he’d previously been drinking. It was so fitting that he’d been drinking so much beer, he was bursting at the seams! He pissed all over it and soiled those silly, fake-confidence boosting clothes for me.

You can also bet that the little loser woke up with a sore ass the day after, too. Submissive slaves always get what’s coming to them, so he was sore the day after that too. I wonder how long his ass will be screaming my name. I’m certainly excited to see how long it lasts.

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