My submissive pet learns a few lessons.

A submissive pet must learn to obey all the orders of his Mistress, even if it takes a little while to get the hang of it. I turned the tables on my fuckbuddy by turning him into my sub, instead of our usual rough-sex play that he loves so much. I’d seen all the dirty videos he watched on his phone, and he was a little kinkster that dreamed about being forced to submit. So one night, when I got him all to myself after a little teasing, I let the mean bitch out to play. He thought I was just getting a little naughtier by adding a blindfold, but he felt the game change when I cuffed his hands to the bed and climbed on top. He could feel the leather of my boots against his skin, and my touch went from soft to rough as I dragged my nails down his body.

Now was the time to play. I’d ask him one dirty question after another, forcing him to tell me the truth.. What his darkest desires were, what he was excited about me doing to him, and what he was scared of. And after a little teasing, my submissive pet was on board for the ride.. My hands stroking his cock just slightly as I slid a chastity cage on it, forcing him further into submission for the night. He went crazy for it, but he wasn’t exactly happy – he knew that meant he had to work for it, and I wasn’t going to let him out so easily. So one order at a time, I made him do it all for me.. From kissing my heels to my nipples, sucking, eating me out, begging me to spank him, and everything under the moon. My little sub was just starting his descent into all the things he looks up on his phone at night, and it only gets dirtier from here.

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali