I had read that 50 Shades of Gray book and never really thought about being a submissive until I met Scott. I admit that I was a sexually open person, but didn’t really like the idea of letting someone else control my sexual desire. If I wanted to get fucked, I’d get fucked and didn’t want to have to have someone tell me it wasn’t “time” for it while he controlled how and when I got off.

Scott was a guy I had met at one of my jobs and we had hit it off right away. He was cool and a hottie and we had fun together. The sex was great, but one day he revealed that he wasn’t getting off as he normally does, saying that he was taking longer than usual and wasn’t as aroused. He said it wasn’t me, but that he had a certain way of having sex that really turned him on. Since I’m down for practically anything, I told him I’d try out what he needed to and lets take it from there.

But Scott was hesitant to tell me what it was, saying he felt ashamed and knew my strong willed character wouldn’t be down for what he needed. After finally going back and forth he finally told me – he wanted me to be his submissive. I immediately recalled the book and really liked Scott so after a few moments, I agreed to try it out.

Turns out, Scott had all the toys in a special closet that we’d use as we initiated our submissive roleplaying. He brought them out all one by one and explained them to me. The ships, mouth gag, handcuffs, blindfolds, dildos, etc. They didn’t look so bad and I have to admit, they sort of turned me on. That’s when he dropped the bomb on me saying that he could do anything to me and I had to agree no matter what, even if it made me wait to have sex since he knew how much of a horn dog I was.

I said fine and it was time to play. But first we agreed upon a safe word if it went to far, determining stop would be the word. I secretly vowed to myself not to use it because I wasn’t the type to give up so easily.

He said he’d use the blindfold on me and some cuffs to tie me to the bed. He used them both on my hands and my feet so that my body was exposed. I couldn’t see anything he as doing and he talked to me in a low, authoritative voice, telling me he was the master of my body and I had no control over what was now his. He first got a feather and slid it over my entire body, spending extra time around my supple breasts, which grew hard at the touch and my vagina. While at my pussy, he flicked it at my clit a bit and I moaned a bit. At that moment he yelled for me to be quiet and that I was only to moan when I said it was okay.

He then hovered above me and began to choke me a bit while he played with my clit and teased me by sticking in only one finger into my pussy, taking his time. I tried to move my body faster to give him a hint that I wanted him to really get me off, but he harshly pushed my body still and told me to stop. He said it wasn’t time for me to get off yet, so I had to lie still while he continued to play with my vagina.

When he was done, he told me he wanted to spank me hard and uncuffed my hands and feet and told me to get on all fours. He told me he had a paddle and that he’d start off gentle and then the whacks would become more forceful. He also reminded me of our safe word. He started off slow, which I didn’t mind, but then he was paddling me harder and harder on my ass and it stung with every whack he took. I grunted as he continued to hit me, pulling my hair every so lightly with his free hand. He knew I had had enough since he said my ass was nice and red and then he licked his hand and lubed up my ass saying he was now going to enter me.

Instead of being gentle, he pushed his dick into my asshole with great force that I thought I was going to rip. But after he noticed my body stiffen up in pain, he eased up a bit and started to fuck me anally, while massaging my clit with his fingers. I was finally enjoying it and he could tell so he said it was okay if I moaned and came. I was finally relieved and let it all out after a few moments.

When it was all said and done, he took off my blindfold and told me he was sorry if he hurt me too much, but that it was one of the best orgasms he had had in a long time and that he hoped I would be down to do it again. Let’s just say I went back and re-read 50 Shades of Gray!

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