This Submissive Kitsune Sucks

In a dark and mystical forest, a simple man was camping for something to sell and make money from. Night after night, Nick would see a glint of gold eyes watching him at night. Curious, he set up a cage rigged to lock. A few weeks pass with a silent lurker in the bushes until it finally happens. The trap was triggered near the break of dawn. Nick rushed out of his tent, sword drawn and ready to swing into the cage, when a crack of light exposed a porcelain face filled with fear. Cat-looking ears flickered as her nose twitched with curiosity. As her gold eyes stared into mine, visions flashed as if to show me that this submissive Kitsune sucks.

Foxy Roxy Is Your Submissive Kitsune

Desire flooded through Nick’s body as moments passed by of these submissive sluts, true colors showing. As if some erotic hypnosis clown had placed him in a trance, the only thought that came to Nick was what this submissive Kitsune looked like naked. Roxy’s skirt was not hiding much, and her tits rested perfectly inside her strapless top. She seemed shy yet curious about Nick. “Hello? Do you understand me?” Nick asked, trying to find out more about what else this sexy submissive Kitsune sucks. The curious fox looked at the cage and began to lick the bars.
Nick lowered his sword and opened the cage door. Roxy quickly approached her captor and started sniffing and licking his face.

Submissive Kitsune Sucks More Than Her Food

Moments after immense purs and cackles, the foxy stalker’s tiny voice flooded Nicks’s head. As she spoke of her mouth’s ability, Roxy’s hand grabbed onto his throbbing hard cock. As Nick closed his eyes, images of the submissive Kitsune sucked the life forces of other species flooded through his head. ” I will spare your life if you offer your soul to me. To be my loyal owner who will feed me whatever I desire. Do you accept?” Nick felt no hesitation to agree to the sly fox’s terms. Her lips turned upward as they parted, and the warmest sensual voice whispered into his ear, ” I knew you would make a good master.”

 Sucking Masters Soul

Nick’s cock poured precum through his pants the moment her words poured off her lips. The sly fox began to undo his pants, and within a moment, She would have her prize. As Nick’s pants fell to the floor, Roxy’s tails began twitching excitedly. Not much time passed before the submissive Kitsune started to suck the soul of Nick. Every time she came up for breath, she spoke of all the riches she would bring him, along with unlimited pleasure. The thought was so vivid in his head that it caused his cock to explode as the submissive Kitsune sucked every last drop out.

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