Erotic Hypnosis Clown Enters

As her man is slamming his dick down her throat, a knock echos the house. Klaus pulls his dripping cock out of Roxie’s mouth, handing her a robe. Not even a moment goes by till Roxy is deciding down the stairs, and the banging gets more violent. Roxy opens the door to reveal a jumping female clown who explains that she has a fun and unique, adult-only circus that she would like to perform in her living room. “It’ll only take a moment!” The erotic hypnosis clown stated as she barged into her home. “Now, watch the black and white bells on my pigtails!” As the bells ring, Roxy becomes entranced. Zalia wastes no time and demands Roxy to strip her robe off.

This Erotic Clown Is Fisty!

Moments pass by with Zalia telling Roxy all the dos and don’ts of her game as she grips and twists her nipples. Roxy’s soft mechanical moans send chills down to Zalia’s pussy. She begins to rub between Roxy’s lips, feeling her get excited. “Would you like to join this erotic hypnosis clowns’ orgasmic circus? Huh, little slut!?” Roxy’s robotic yes excited the sexy clown. She took the back of Roxie’s head and stuck her tongue down her throat. With enthusiasm, Zalia grabbed Roxy’s hand and had her sit on the couch. “Let’s see how you taste little slut.” With that, Zalia pushes Roxie’s legs apart and leans in, taking a whiff of her victim’s sweet pussy.

The Orgasmic Circus Is Always Accepting Freaks!

Zalia’s nails glide gently down Roxy’s torso while she inhales her smell. It was around this time that Zalia heard a creak upstairs. “Is someone here, little slave?” She requested. With no hesitation, Roxy replied, Yes, With a Zombie-like tone. “Show me,” Zalia barked. Within seconds, Roxy leads her erotic hypnosis clown master upstairs to meet Klaus. On the other side of the door was Klaus, a scrawny tall white boy with a huge cock. Zalia smirked and strode over to her new toy. “Watch the bells like a good boy!” The hypnotic clown sang as she moved her head from side to side, making her bells sing and dance. Zalia demanded Roxy get onto her knees and crawl to the two.

The Erotic Clown Master Wants You

Without wasting time, Roxy does as she’s told. Zalia then stares at her new toy as she makes Roxy swallow Klaus’s cock. The sound of Roxy Gagging made Zalia bounce her head up and down until she almost puked on him. “Is she your girl?” Zalia asked Klaus. His fast yes was the best answer for Zalia. “Good. Cause I’m going to make you watch me fuck her.” As if to assert dominance, Zalia grips tight to his neck as her tongue licks down his chest, making her way to Roxy’s pussy. Zalia begins to eat out Roxy. Gripping between her legs, Zalia’s bulge starts to pitch a tent. Zalia grabbed the back of Roxie’s hair, pulling her head up. She was looking at Klaus as Zalia rubbed her cock on her pussy, “You ready to watch me fuck her? Good Boy! Now watch me breed this queen dirty.”

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