Breed The Queen Dirty – Cleopatra

Cleopatra was the most beautiful queen in Egypt. Due to the many lower-class settlers, her once beautiful land had grown to know poverty. Families began to flee, along with most women. Now, Cleopatra needed to make a decision. The queen began to devise her plan. To help restore her land, she will put the strong to work as the young travel to trade goods for food. One night, after the men returned from work, they passed by the palace as always. The only difference this time was that the queen was stepping out of her bath, drawing the view of her workers. They all tried to move their gaze from the site of their beautiful queen. All they could speak of that night was how badly they wanted to breed the queen dirty.

They Want To Breed The Queen Dirty

As the guys passed by, the vision of their queen remained embedded into their minds. Their deprived cocks twitched with excitement. That’s the moment they began to talk. Let’s breed the queen dirty! One man said with enthusiasm. The room grew silent. “You know,” a big, buff black man spoke up. “We have been slaving day in and day out. All the women that are left in this land live in the palace. We should go to our generous queen and request that she at least allows us to breed her handmaidens dirty.” Half the men sided with him. As the big buff man stood, he requested those who sided with him to follow him to the palace. The others followed in hopes to fuck the queen.

I’m going to breed the queen dirty first!

A few moments later, the queen is awoken by chanting men. The men crowded her place as if she were on a stage, excitedly cheering. Immediately, she silenced them and asked the meaning. The two men told their queen about what they saw and what they had come to request. Cleopatra smiled and walked toward the buff man. “Just my handmaidens?” She teased. As Cleopatra made her way to her bed, she spoke. “Of course, you may fuck me.” The one man spoke up. “It was my idea, so I get to breed the queen dirty first!” Cleopatra scoffed. “Oh, no, those who sided with you get to fuck my handmaidens.”
She pointed to the big, buff black guy licking her lips.

” I will start with you first.”

Not even a second went by till the big black hung made his way to his queen; his cock began to grow as Cleopatra dropped her dress, revealing her perfect body. “What are you waiting for? Don’t you want to breed the queen dirty?” Her mocking yet seductive tone aroused him to the point where he grabbed her shoulder, ripped his loincloth off, and stuffed his dick deep into her throat. Her tits bounced between his legs as he thrust his big hard black cock deep into her throat. The site made the other men eager. Cleopatra could not leave the others waiting; she gestured for them to cum. The men began to fondle and grope their queen, feeling her pussy dripping her sweet nectar, showing she was ready to be their breeding queen. At this point, the queen was beginning to feel like Alice in BBCLand.

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