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When he commanded me to strip down to nothing but a pink collar, I complied with every fiber of my being. I just wanted to surrender myself to him. He told me that he will need to see every inch of my petite body and test my filthy submissive fuck toy mouth. His hands moved all over my naked body. He pinched my puffy pink nipples and groped my perky teen ass. My cunt instantly began to drip down my milky white thighs, my clit quivered with every touch. I could not wait for him to dominate me and use me until I was broken down. My fuck holes needed to be fucked and filled to the brim. He commanded me to my knees and I, of course, complied immediately.

He began whipping my tight perky ass with his leather crop! 

I instantly crumbled at his feet, the leather made my skin sting but I love the pain. He whipped me harder and harder until my ass turned bright pink and throbbed from the lashes. He grabbed me by my red hair and forced me to the floor. I began licking his boots and begging for his cock. My pink tongue licked his boots like the subservient doggy bitch that I am. I wanted to be his perfect little fuck slave. He commanded me to lay on the bed and not move a single inch. My cunt dripped and tingled when he latched his strong left hand on my throat over my collar. He demanded that I open my pitiful submissive fuck toy mouth. His cock stiffened in his pants, he wanted to see if I was a worthy cock sucking slave.

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He slammed his cock balls deep down my throat!

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