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As Cheer Captain, it is my job to set up all the fundraisers for the squad. Our slutty cheer squad is known for being the horniest sluts in town. Naturally, I decided that we should put our tight, hot little bodies to good use. Now everyone knows that car washes are the most typical way for cheer squads to fundraise. But I decided that if we had to make money the lame way, we might as well make some happy customers and have some naughty fun at the same time! As slutty head cheerleader, I told the squad to put on their tiniest, tightest uniforms… but make sure to leave all bloomers and panties at home!

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Sure enough, that little plan lured some dirty horny men with equally dirty cars. I just knew that seeing us bend over soaking wet would make their wallets open and their cocks hard. All we had to do was flash some cunt and ass! Seeing our tight wet bodies made them all pull up to take a peek. Of course, every one of them wanted to see this slutty head cheerleader, every guy here knows how I am also a taboo incest whore! We even put on a little show; spraying each other with the hoses, rubbing up on the cars and exposing our teen cheerleading pussies! We nearly caused two traffic accidents!

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We made decent cash just from showing our perky tits in those see-through uniforms. But I guess you could say I am a total greedy little bitch. Don’t get me wrong, we love rubbing up on those car windows with our bare pussies and perky asses, but this horny cheer squad wanted more fun and more funds. And I had just the right idea. I guess you could also say I’m an entrepreneurial slutty head cheerleader! 

We would make way more money letting the guys pay for our tight holes! 

After all, my dumb slut squad gives pussy away for free anyway. Might as well make big bank off of those whores. As the horniest slutty head cheerleader, I put my squad up to the test. For a couple hundred bucks, each of us washed down the car, stripped down to nothing, and rubbed our perky tits on the windows and windshield! We got so horny teasing our customers and cleaning their dirty cars. They could not resist throwing in extra cash to have us come into the car for a hot, nasty fuck! Nothing is hotter than getting paid to do what we do best as slutty cheer whores. It was such easy money! 

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