It is interesting that I met Hal while searching for books for school. His bookstore carries books that are necessary for most of our classes. Who knew we would have submissive dungeon adventures together? Of course, we hit it off immediately. I feel so comfortable around him and love talking with him about so many things. Then, one day, we got on the subject of submissive and dominant. On the outside, you would not know he is my dominant. He is this nice book owner that serves the community. However, when we go downstairs, the tiger comes out to play.

He is a different person for our submissive dungeon adventures.


I love the way he makes me feel when we walk into that dungeon. He is my Daddy and I am his sub. He has me strip down to my birthday suit. And, he has to punish me for the time we are apart. His hand is the first weapon of choice and he is using it on my perfect ass cheeks. I am bending over his lap as his hand connects with my tight right cheek, whack! Oh, God, how I love the stinging feeling as he is spanking me. My pussy is immediately getting wet. I can feel his rod growing in his pants as well and it makes me happy to be in our submissive dungeon adventures.

I am happy he is enjoying punishing me too.


>Making my Daddy Dom happy is very important to me. Our meeting was meant to be and through my Submissive Blonde Taboo Adventures, we are becoming truly part of each other.

We are becoming very intuitive with each other’s needs. Well, I am learning what Daddy needs from me. And, that is my obedience. Of course, when I am craving punishment, I act like a bad girl. He is an amazing person and he gets me. And, any man that is going to redo his basement for our submissive dungeon adventures is winning my heart over. Seriously, he invested in all new equipment and toys for me.

Okay, for us, but it is still super sweet.


Of course, all the fun I am having with him is more experience for my Taboo Phone Sex sessions. I love sharing the naughty fun with my callers. Additionally, I love the roleplays they bring me as well!

As a naughty college girl, I love all fetish fun and don’t have any limits. My callers can bring me the wildest stuff and I am ready to get down and dirty with them. Of course, I think that is why Daddy loves me so much. I am open to lots of new things. He and I are growing together and finding our passion in our dynamic. And, in our submissive dungeon adventures!

Similarly, he is patient as a dom and that means a lot to me. And, he enjoys sharing me with others too. What are you into? Are you looking for a young submissive slut like me? Call me!