College is expensive, especially the books. However, if you are a thrifty girl like me, you can find little stores with great prices on the books needed for class. One of my favorite stores is fun by this sexy older guy. He loves my submissive blonde taboo adventures too.

Turns out this quiet handsome bookworm is dominant behind closed doors. Hal and I spend a lot of time together. We have an interest in books in common and we love interesting foods.

After some dinners out and long conversations, I am learning he is looking for a pretty little sub. As we have been getting to know each other, we are learning more and more about each other every day.

And, it is time for some submissive blonde taboo adventures.

We are meeting at his place tonight for our first session. I am ready to be his compliant sub and he wants to be my Daddy Dom. Even though he has the dominant side, he wants to be a little softer with the sexy coed.

With my Taboo Phone Sex, a lot of my callers are into my submissive style. Of course, it is the same with Hal. My drop-dead gorgeous body, brilliant brain, and completely submissive personality drive him wild. He is so ready for the submissive blonde taboo adventures.

Of course, I am into other things too. Additionally, huge cocks, especially big black dicks are on the top of my list. Recently, I was lucky enough to get a Holiday BBC Gangbang and it was fucking amazing!

It was the ultimate of Christmas gifts for this hottie.

A bunch of handsome, well-hung BBC guys giving me all they have as I am compliant and willing to take it all. Mm Mm good, baby. Hal is totally into hearing about it too. My sexy old pervert.

Of course, the first thing he is doing is punishment. Furthermore, he says I deserve it for having that kind of fun without him. As far as he is concerned, it was a given he is to be invited to all such events from now on. All part of his submissive blonde taboo adventures.

When I arrive at his house, he takes me to the basement where he has a whole set up for us. Certainly, he has assembled amazing equipment, furniture, and more. He has me strip down and bend over the leather chair so he can lock me in it.

He grabs a paddle and stands just far enough away to make it hurt.

Whack, whack, whack. Oh, that hurts good, Daddy. Consequently, only a few tears are streaming down my face. He licks them off and rubs his hand on my red ass. His hand feels so good on my skin. Our submissive blonde taboo adventures are going to be outstanding!

I can see the outline of his rigid cock through his pants. It is huge too. The chair has me in the perfect position to suck his huge cock. He pulls it out and shoves it into my mouth. He is face-fucking me with vigor.


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