I love going in for my yearly dental checkups. It is fun because I take great care of my teeth and enjoy my visits. This year, I have a new dentist. Of course, I am not expecting submissive dentist chair sex when I go in.

However, it seems my new dentist has a dominant side he brings out for the girls he feels are submissive. Of course, I am submissive. Perhaps, he can sense it.

Either way, once I was in his chair, he is locking the door and tying me to the chair. At first, I was getting nervous, but I think he is good-looking and may have a big dick. Relax and enjoy it.

Hence my first submissive dentist chair sex experience is about to commence!

And, for the record, he is smoking hot. My girlfriends and I did google searches to find the best-looking dentists in town and pick by how handsome they are. This guy is a hottie.

Not only is handsome, but he is also tall and smells amazing. I feel the strength of his hands as he binds me to the chair. When he pulls back he bites my neck, causing me to moan.

For this submissive dentist chair sex, he has my legs are spread wide and tied as well. Additionally, my pussy is getting wet and ready for whatever is coming. Dr. Dentist open my blouse and puts clips on my nipples.

I yipe in pain and he smiles happily enjoying our submissive dentist chair sex fun.

This man could give Daddy some lessons for our dungeon playtime! Although,

I will not be telling Daddy about this dental visit gone wild. He would get pretty angry about this one.

My dentist lifts my skirt and cuts off my cute panties with medical scissors. So kinky, I am loving this! He leans down and kisses me on the lips but hard and then bites my lip.

Damn, I hope every visit with him will be a submissive dentist chair sex session. Out of nowhere he has a vibrator in his hand and starts teasing my pussy with it.

Oh, that is to mean, as I start to cum, he pulls it off of my clit!

Then, he pulls out his very large cock, rubbing the head and precum on my lips. He orders me to open my mouth and shoves it deep down my throat. As I gag, he continues smiling and fucking my face.

He pulls out his cock and rubs it and my saliva all over my face and tits. Then, starts smacking my face with his dick. He drops his pants and reaches down to untie my legs for our submissive dentist chair sex.

Standing with his legs on each side of the chair, he holds my legs with his arms, positioning my pussy so he can enter me. There is nothing gentle when he slams that cock deep into my cunt.

He wants it to hurt as he is slamming my pussy with his dick.

Of course, the pain is turning me on and making me even wetter as he fucks away at me. He is close to cumming. Before he cums, I have a climax and he pulls out and blows his load all over my face!

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