My daddy dom is amazing. He is so much fun and knows how much I love it when he is punishing me. Of course, I wasn’t expecting his request for dungeon role play but I am up for anything with him.

When I arrive, he is waiting for me and anxious to tell me his idea. He owns a bookstore. It is a popular place for a lot of us college kids to get our books for school and that is how I met him. His idea is to have me dress up as a Catholic school girl. He is feeling like a bit of age play fun and wants me to look the part. Of course, he has the outfit and everything.

Looks like we are having some dungeon role play this afternoon.


I take the clothes and start to change. Daddy Dom has bought everything a size smaller than I wear on purpose. The skirt is super short and the white shirt is extremely tight.

There are white cotton panties, white knee-high socks, and patent leather shoes too. I put my pretty blonde hair up in pigtails and walk out for his inspection. He is more than happy with me and his dick is proof as it is growing in his pants. This dungeon role play is going to be a blast! Daddy tells me to get on my knees and service him.

As I drop down to my knees, he tells me I am too slow.

Grabbing my pigtails, he pulls me up and over his lap. He has a ruler and starts to spank my butt. The skirt is very short and has ridden up above my ass. He is hitting the cotton panties and it hurts so good.

Daddy knows just what I like and gives it to me. I also know how to please him. It is the same with my Taboo Phone Sex. When my callers bring their fantasies to me, I help them fulfill them. Dungeon role play is just one more thing to add or our Submissive Dungeon Adventures. Daddy created this space so we can explore our relationship together.

He is amazing and I adore him.

Whack, he is giving it to me hard. I can feel the burn on my tight ass cheeks every time that ruler connects with my panties. Finally, he is done and tells me to get on my knees and suck his dick. I do as I am told and do it quickly. He is rock hard and I give him a big sloppy blowjob. Of course, he is so into our play, he cums quickly and I swallow every drop for my daddy.

This dungeon role play may be one of our hottest times in this dungeon. My tight young pussy is dripping wet. He pulls me up and slides his fingers inside my panties. Daddy is just getting started with me and I can’t wait to see what he has for me.

He brings out the straps to tie me up and my pussy is tingling. Curious to know how the rest of our night went? Call me!