Being a submissive cum dump means that I have a lot of duties to do to please a master’s thick swollen rod.

I am always eager to please a cock since I know damn well what my purpose in life is. My daddy taught me well while growing up. He taught me that I am a walking fuck hole that needs to take as much cock and cum loads as one possibly could. Being a cum rag comes easy to me. I am desperate to fill my holes with throbbing hard dicks. This is why my master is pleased with me, most of the time. As soon as he comes home, I greet him by the door on my hands and knees. Immediately, I offer my submissive cum dump whore holes to him. Sometimes he is ready to be sucked off and other times he is wanting to fuck with me until I please him as any good little twat should. I need to be used and abused by my master!

Today he is in a playful mood as I am naked on my hands and knees by the door.

When he walks in he throws his coat on top of me and makes me follow him to the bedroom. I crawl the entire time, as he goes to sit on the bed. Crawling over to him, I ask him to please let me take care of his big throbbing hard cock because I am a pathetic submissive cum dump. He slaps me across the face and my pussy automatically squirts down my legs. “Please manhandle me like the filthy whore that I am.” He wraps my hair around his knuckles and pulls my face down to his crotch. Rubbing my face on his jeans he asks me “Is this what the fuck you want you little cock sucker?” I rub my face across his hard cock through his pants and shake my head up and down. I’m want it so badly! I will do anything for it. 

He stands up and takes his pants down and tells me to get to licking!

I am a quick submissive cum dump! I start licking and sucking on his nut sack as he yanks me back and forth by my hair. My tongue starts to trace along his taint and back into the crack of his ass. As soon as I get to that ass hole, I start to tongue fuck it and spit bubbles into it. He tastes so good. Obviously not thinking, I rush things and go straight back to his cock and shove him right down my throat. My mouth is hungry and I am needing his rod. He takes his cock out of my mouth and slaps me across the face and spits in between my eyes. “Now you are going to be punished like the stupid bitch that you are.” His cock starts spraying hot piss in my eyes.

He slaps my face again, telling me to open up and to drink his piss.

I try to obey this time. I gulp down the gush off piss exploding out of his cock hole eagerly. I’m hoping to get that nut if I just behave! I am willing to do anything to make him happy. He finally lets me back at his ass hole so that I can redeem myself. I waste no time curling my tongue in him and kissing the rim of his ass. Now I am pleasing him once again. He flips me around and shoves his dick into my submissive cum dump fuck hole. His hands leave marks as they slap me on my ass. My head jolts back as he uses my hair like reins. I beg him to fuck me like the little piece of shit whore that I am. That cum is about to bust out!

Finally, he pulls his dick out and points it in between my eyes. I look up at him as I take every drop of cum! I love cum shots all over my submissive cum dump face just as much as I enjoy forced penetration sex.

Cum fuck me for some ass phone sex! I am dying to suck the nut out of you!

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