He holds me down even though I am squirming and he is giving me forced penetration sex with his thick cock. 

I went out clubbing with some girlfriends and ended up having forced penetration sex. These friends are not the ride or die group that I usually hang out with. Instead, they are the types of girls that will see a hot fuck stick and ditch you without saying goodbye. Which I guess is why it’s no surprise that I ended up in that situation. 

This is how it all went down: I am tipsy, well a little more than tipsy. My ass is grinding up on the crotches of strange men and I do not even mind that my short black dress keeps coming all the way up. My panties are wedged in between my pussy lips and are showing as I keep dancing. Next thing I know, some man is grabbing my waist tightly as if he wants to have forced penetration sex with me. I am not strong enough to pull out of his grip, and even if I was strong enough I’m not so sure that I would. Feeling a little scared with how aggressive he is, I do not try and make any rash movements.

I casually try and pull out of his grip, acting like I want another drink up at the bar.

He pulls me into him not letting me leave his side. His big hands hand off a drink filled to the brim. I really shouldn’t down it since I am already wobbling all over the place, but me being the dip shitted fuck whore that I am- I down in it three big gulps. I guess I can thank my mom for not raising a little bitch when it comes to alcohol and cocks. Dick belongs in me any day of the week! Anyway, back on the dance floor, his dick is throbbing hard and he pulls my panties to the side in the dark club. He tries to have forced penetration sex with me right there. I am leaning against him unable to move. The drink I just downed is running through my veins and my head is spinning. His dick is suddenly balls deep inside of me. 

I cannot scream but he can tell I want to get out of his grip. 

He then takes my hand and leads me out to his car. I am so out of it I can barely talk but I am eager to leave. Pulling up to his driveway, he comes to my side and helps me out of the car. Next thing I know, I am on his bed, he has my dress all the way up and is about to have forced penetration sex with me. He pulls my panties to the side and forces his bare cock inside of me. I try to close my legs so that he can not get himself any deeper inside of me, but it has the opposite effect. He relentlessly thrusts inside of my bald bare pussy, making me take every inch of his fat dick. His cock is so big!

Even though I do not want it I cannot help but sort of like it. 

My mind is saying no but my body is saying yes. With each thrust, my pussy is about to cum on his cock. He can feel my pussy tighten up around his cock with him trying to have forced penetration sex with me. I cannot help but to cum. In turn, he grabs me harder and I can feel his cum load about to spit into my pussy. I beg him not to cum inside of me! Putting his hand over my mouth, he continues and overflows his nut inside the depths of my hot pink pussy hole. He gives me no choice as he creampies me. Leaving me with this souvenir, he calls an Uber to take me home. 

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