After all of those exams, tonight was going to be a long night. I suppose I could’ve just gone home and taken a couple of days to grade them. However, the students’ final grades were due shortly, and I focused best in-office. If I went home to do them, I’d end up slacking. Luckily for me, it was now the evening hours, and all college courses were over. Most buildings on campus were vacant, minus some janitors here and there and a few clubs. I’d rather be out like the students having some hot school fun. Instead, I’m stuck here in this dusty antique office.

Little did I know a student was wanting hot school fun as well.

Thankfully, after half an hour, I was already a third of the way through grading the exams. Either I made it too easy, or the students grasped everything well. There is one student I would love to grasp as well. My thoughts trail off thinking about him and how his cock would feel inside me during our steamy student teacher sex. Maybe I should hire him as an assistant for the class. He’d always be around then, doing anything I wanted. I found myself chewing on the end of my pen when a pair of hands on my shoulders snapped me out of my trance.

Surprised, I look up and over my shoulder to see the very student from my fantasies looming above me. His hands massage my shoulders, causing me to relax in my chair. “Is my teacher feeling tense? Do you think I can help you work it out?” He says to me, sliding his hands over my collarbones and down the front of my blouse and bra.  Looks like I’ll be having my own hot school fun today, after all! Then, I feel his fingers pinch my nipples as he kisses my neck. A small moan escapes my lips, my pussy getting wetter at his touch.

Gosh, this man is so hot; I want him to fuck me hard on my desk!

Soon, he swivels my chair around to face him, and he falls to his knees in front of me. Then he slides his hands up my nylons, pushing my dress up and revealing my panties underneath. He removes my heels while kissing up my thigh. Impatient for our student teacher sex scene, he grabs my panties and rips them off of me before burying his face in my pussy. My hand goes to the back of his head, and I grind my lips into his face. The sensations build me up more and more until I just spill out. I cum all over his face, trapping him in between my legs as I squeeze.

With that, he is ready to take me. He picks me up in his strong hands, sitting me up on my desk instead. My hands reach behind me, and I push the exams to the floor, scattering them to clear off the desk for us. Then, he takes his big cock in his hands, and I feel the pressure of his head right against my opening. I bite my lip, looking up at him, never breaking eye contact as he slides it inside. My mouth falls open, and I moan loudly. He lets it sit inside for a moment, allowing me to lay back. As soon as I do and close my eyes, he pounds me harder and harder. Until eventually, we both cum together in ecstasy. I love having ourselves a little college fuck party.

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