What another wonderful school year, and work year at my flirty phone sex job! The Ohio State Buckeyes are kicking ass, school spirit is up, despite the pandemic bringing everyone down. Regardless, people are doing their best to get together as much as possible. Since the new school year has started, and everyone’s finally settled into their courses, houses, and dorms; people are starting to mingle again. I have to admit, this college anal slut, is ready to go out and have some hot fun at a college fuck party!

I just moved into my new apartment off-campus, and I’m so excited about the new look. A whole new life, to have fun with whoever the hell I want. Just down the street, there’s this frat house, and the men there are hot as hell!. Down the other side of the street, there’s a sorority house, and mmm, how I’d love to get to know them! I heard recently that the big fraternity house is going to be having a giant party to help their new recruits earn their place, and they’ve invited the sorority house to join as well.

Being a hot college anal slut, I was lucky enough to get invited!

Knowing how cruel the frat and sorority houses can be to their pledges, there was no way I could turn down that entertainment. The night of the party I threw on my sexy skin-tight jean skirt, and a button-up black blouse. My long black hair left straight, and sexy lacy red panties and matching bra underneath. I made my way down the street in my high black heels, to the bumping music of the giant home.  Then, I walked inside and saw people mingling, drinking, dancing; it was like home to me! This will be one hell of a college fuck party!

Not before long, I heard a mic and some feedback from a speaker. I guessed someone was about to make an announcement. I walked into a huge living room, and saw freshmen men and women lined up in a pattern; boy, girl, boy, girl, against the wall. A wicked smile crept across my face as I listened to the fraternity president speak. He claimed that the pledges’ hazing was simple, they were to be the entertainment of the evening, objects to use at our disposal at the college fuck party! All were willing participants and most excited for it, submissive sluts. Anything and everything went, there were no limits.

How exciting it was to be able to really let out my inner slut and sadist on them!

I watched them go through some simple hazing, being paddled, kissed, stupid makeup put on them, dicks drawn on their faces. All while on their knees, staying in place and letting it happen. Soon, I couldn’t help myself I went over to the end of the line, and I lifted my skirt, moving my panties to the side. “Everyone of you, are going to make me cum with your tongue, or your asses will be blistered” I ordered before shoving the first into my pussy. He moaned immediately and knew what he was doing, I came on his face, then went to the chick. She looked nervous but tried her best, took her some time, but she got there.

Luckily, almost all were able to get me there except for two. A man and a woman, that didn’t have a lot of sexual experience themselves, her first lesbian experience. I pulled them away from the wall and got up behind them. Their naked asses were in the air for me, as I pushed their faces into the carpet. I took a large paddle and went at them, making them bruised and red. Then I lubed up my fingers and slid them right into their asses; pictures were taken as the college anal slut in me came out and I finger blasted their asses, pushing the second set of fingers in them. On camera they both came at the same time, her juices covering my hand, and his sperm on the carpet. I rubbed their faces in the wetness and danced the rest of the night away.

Mia Kinky Crew