Ahhh, High School, what precious memories those years hold for everyone. I know I had a lot of wonderful and crazy first experiences in my teen years. I hear a lot of girls experiment in their college years for their first lesbian experience. For me, though, I couldn’t wait that long; I was a frisky slut in my teenage years.

Sluttiness is something I carried with me into college, completely unashamed of my sexual prowess. I mean, I became a hot phone sex operator for a reason. High school and college were the best years of my life. Especially when I was a teen slut babysitter. However, the memory of Denise still stays vivid in my mind today. Her pretty blonde hair, gorgeous green eyes, and sweet freckles. Plus, not to mention that rocking body of hers, mmm.

Parties always make us do wild things!

The seniors were throwing this big party in this nice suburban house, giant yard, and the best part of all, no parents! She and I were Sophmore’s at the time, and I had just recently turned 16. I wanted to stay home and chill with her, but she insisted we go to the party and have our own mini celebration for my sweet 16. Maybe, I’d get some inspiration to throw my own party.

We got in her car and drove to the party, and we could already hear the music bumping a couple of streets away. After we arrived, the two of us went straight into the house. Kids were making out in the living room, playing games from beer pong to truth or dare. People were dancing, drinking, just having a blast. I knew this party would be the best, but I had no idea it would cause me to have my first lesbian experience.

Who knew Denise could be so wild!

Denise didn’t take any time finding some drinks and putting one in my hand. We sipped on it and talked some. She asked me to dance, so we went into the middle of the room. Fuck, it was hot as hell having her grind her big ass up against me. I could feel my panties getting wet. The more she and I drank, the more eyes were on us. We got hot for each other, and everyone could see it.

We went up to a private room in the house, holding on to each other and giggling. When we got into the room, her lips were on mine. There were fireworks while we made out; she hurried and took my clothes off. Our first lesbian experience together was getting hot. Next, I pushed her over to the bed and crawled on top of her. My hands trailing down her sexy body.

She tastes so good!

I kissed down her body, sucking and licking on her nipples as I moved further down. My tongue trailed across her tummy and hips. Soon, I spread her lips apart and flicked my tongue over her clit, driving her crazy. Her first lesbian experience, being eaten out. She came hard on my mouth, drowning me in her juices.

She grabbed me up and pushed me back on the bed, and slid her fingers inside of me. Rubbing up against my g-spot, she made me moan and buck my hips into her hand. Denise pounded my pussy hard and watched as I loved every single minute. I came hard around her fingers, and I swear the whole house could hear me moan.

Mia Kinky Crew