My son, Andy and his wife, Jenn are an amazing couple. I love that they are kinky and fun with each other. He just put a stripper pole in their basement. Of course, I had to show my stripper pole GILF moves!

It has been years since I was doing any pole time but I still got my moves. In fact, my son said he didn’t believe it. I asked what he would pay me if I show him some amazing moves.

He pays me to help out with babysitting each week. However, I wanted more of his money and decided to earn it in a naughty way. At first, he was giggling at me.

After I got up to the pole and started showing him my stripper pole GILF talent, his tone changed.

Additionally, he was so impressed as I used my legs to work up the pole, he brought out his wallet. I climbed up and slid down like a professional and his dick was rising.

Therefore, I thought, why not take off some clothes too. So, off came my blouse as I was spinning around the pole. I held on with my legs and bent my body out towards him.

These stripper pole GILF moves were getting him rock-hard too. Not only, was he getting an erection, but he also started throwing money at mommy. As a naughty GILF next door, I am ready for anything.

Including some unexpected kinky sex with my son.

Andy is getting into my little show as I strip down to just my panties. I hang onto the pole and bend out my body. I use my legs and climb to the top and slide back down.

Once on the floor again, I start dancing and showing off. I shake my tits in my son’s face and let him touch me. He is getting so into my stripper pole GILF show, he keeps throwing bills at me.

Finally, it is time to take off my satin panties. I slowly slide them down my legs and bend towards my toes. My perfect ass and pussy, exposing myself to my grandson.

Of course, my grandson is panting and rock hard at this point.

I am wondering if he will be daring enough to take advantage of this opportunity. He is so handsome and sexy. I desire my son and want him to take advantage.

However, he is hesitating. I slowly push my back into his crotch amping up my stripper pole GILF show. My bare pussy is rubbing his cock through his pants. He is moaning and weakening as I shake my butt cheeks against him.

Andy is unable to resist at this point and puts his hands on my hips. Rubbing my soft skin he is exploring my ass and hips. I hear him unzipping his pants and feel the head of his dick on my pussy.

Slowly, he starts sliding his rod inside me bring my stripper pole GILF show to an end.

He is overcome by passion and starts fucking me hard with his dick. In no time, we are cumming together. Of course, I have just made a ton of money and gotten a good fucking from my son!

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