I have amazing neighbors and most of us get along. We love having parties, cookouts, and lots of fun together. Of course, me being me, the Naughty GILF Next Door, I am always ready to spread the love. Therefore, that is why some of the bitchy wives don’t like me. They are jealous of my badass self. Furthermore, most of them want to be me. The funny part is, the ones that are jealous, I am not even fucking their husbands.

Either, the husbands are losers or I have seen their peckers at a party and it is too small for me. I am all about a good-sized dick for my fun. I mean, I will happily provide those guys with some of my amazing Humiliation Phone Sex! With dicks that little they need some small penis humiliation from some strong divas. And our girls will tear them up!

This Naughty GILF Next Door is fucking the fine ass neighbors.

Men and women, of course. I love fucking both. That is what is funny about the haters. They are the ones I want to fuck, not their husbands. I have happily shown a hater wife or two that I wanted them and made them squirt by the end of the night. Now, those neighbors are my biggest fans. And, in time, we brought the husbands in for some reverse cuckold fun.

All the men in my life walk around with a smile on their faces. Why, because I make sure they are getting lots of sex. Whether it is oral, regular sex, anal, group, or the kinkiest of sex, they are always getting what they need. Hell, even my bosses were living it up when I was working in the corporate world. I was the ultimate Cum Slut Executive Assistant. I not only kept them organized, but I also swallowed their loads too.

Those were naughty good times!

Now, I get to work from home, and cum all night long with my amazing callers. Sharing my naughty world with them is a blast. I really love that they aren’t judging me for our incest lifestyle. Most of my neighbors have no clue. There is a small group that does know and we share our “special” time with the families. Our entire family groups get together for some naughty fun.

Most of the neighbors are into vanilla sex. Well, before me anyway. After we start playing it is a whole new world for them. The women discover the power of dominating their husbands. And, the men discover how much they love it. I love introducing them to pegging. Of course, I use them a lot with all my playmates. Showing my new fuck buddies how fun they are is a blast!

Additionally, showing men their “P” spot is fun too.

Honestly, as the naughty GILF next door, I have endless things to show and teach my neighbors. My days are always exciting with them. And, we are constantly getting new younger neighbors moving into the neighborhood. Hot, young couples that are sexy and gorgeous. I tend to stay clear of them until I get to know them. Amazingly enough, the last young couple that moved in hit on me.

If you are curious to hear the dirty details of my fun with any of my neighbors, call me and I will tell you. I love sharing my naughty sexcapades.