When a stripper can’t use her GPS properly, it’s Dean’s lucky night.

My friend Dean called me the other night to tell me that he just had the luckiest night of his life.  Two words, he said.  Lost.  Stripper.  Of course, I told him to tell me the entire story and not to skip any details.  It happened like this:

It was close to midnight and Dean, in only a pair of boxers, was watching the news and thinking about going to bed.  He heard the clicking of heels outside his apartment and then a knock on his front door.  It was late, so he peeked out the window before going to his door.  It was a gorgeous and sexy girl, dressed in a tight pair of shorts and a sparkly tube top.  On her feet were the sluttiest five inch heels he had ever seen.  Just the sight of her make his dick twitch.  

He walked quickly to the front door and opened it, smiling nervously.  This might be a dream, he thought.  She smiled and walked past him.  She looked around the empty room and and then smiled at Dean.  “Uh… are there more guys coming or is this a one on one thing?”

She waited patiently for his answer but Dean, completely baffled just stuttered a few syllables.  

“It’s okay with me.  Your brother said it was a bachelor party but I don’t care if your friends are here or not.  I can just dance for you privately.”  She glanced at a piece of paper she was holding in her hand.  “It’s funny though.  Your brother said it was 1215 Gale Street, apartment 2 UPSTAIRS.  But you’re downstairs.  I guess he got confused, right?”  She set the paper down on the coffee table and then it all became clear to Dean and his heart pounded excitedly.

His address was 1217 Gale Street, not 1215.  This girl was in the wrong building and he was definitely NOT going to correct her.  Instead he chuckled.  “Yeah, my brother hasn’t actually been to my new place yet.  I’ve only been here a week.”

The stripper nodded.  “Okay, that makes sense.  Well he must love you.  He paid for a no limits hour long dance and even took care of the tip, so just enjoy.” She walked over to Dean and put her arms around him.

“So… no limits, right?”  Dean said, thinking again that this must be a wild dream from which he’d soon awaken.

“Yeah, that’s right.  NO limits at all.  You can do anything you want.”  As if to prove that she was serious, she took Dean’s hand and placed it on her pussy.  “You can have that if you want it.”

Dean fell to his knees, fumbled around with her shorts and in a few seconds, yanked them down to her ankles.   As he plunged his face into her crotch and jammed his tongue into her pussy he reached up and pulled her tube top down to her waist, and began to squeeze and massage her perfect tits.  

She tasted incredible.  It was a sweet pussy, slightly tangy and it smelled delicious!  He moaned as he licked her and when her flavor was nearly gone, he stood up and scooped her up, carrying her to the sofa.  He pulled her shorts off of her and tossed them on the floor, spread her legs open and plunged his twitching dick inside of her.  It was heavenly.  Her pussy was tight and as soon as he entered it, he saw her nipples harden.  

He pushed his cock inside of her, reminding himself that he had an hour.  He slowed down and watched as he slid in and out of her.  After a minute, he climbed off of her and squatted next to her, took her by the hair and gently turned her face toward his cock.  She leaned over, opened her lovely mouth and took his wet meat stick into her mouth and sucked it like a pro.  She held the base of his cock as she bobbed her head back and forth, humming loudly on him until he thought he would explode in her mouth.   

He lifted the stripper off the couch, flipped her over until she was on all fours and slammed his dick back into her, thanking the universe and feeling only slightly sorry for his poor neighbors over at 1215 Gale Street who were missing out on the pleasure of her insanely tight pussy.  

“Can I cum inside of you?” he panted as his balls began to tighten.

“Yeah, baby, you can cum wherever you want!” she replied.

She barely finished the sentence before Dean was unloading his cum load inside of her, his dick throbbing with every jetstream of cum that shot out of him.  

He glanced at the clock on his wall and smiled at her.  “We have 50 minutes left.  Let’s take this into my bedroom.”  

And shortly thereafter, Dean was sliding his cock back inside of her and was thanking karma for rewarding him for all of those good deeds he did throughout his life.  He had the best hour of his life that night.  

And yes, boys.  I certainly DID masturbate as he was telling me this story!

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