Stripped in public is something you dread, but you can’t stop craving it, sissyboy.

Stripped in public so that everyone discovers your need for sissy humiliation is one of your deepest fantasies. I’ve decided that from now on you are going to wear lacy lingerie under your male clothing, each and every time you leave the house!

First of all, you’ll “sissy dress” under that tailored suit before leaving for the office. Furthermore, don’t even think that you’ll get away with taking off your pretty lingerie before going out with your friends. Indeed, you’ll continue to wear your matching fuschia bra-and-panty set even while you’re working out at the gym!

It’s true, IDGAF if anyone sees what you’re hiding underneath your guy clothes.

In fact, I hope people DO catch you! Reminding you of your “girly” status is not the only reason I want you to wear panties, bras, and stockings under your clothes every single day. No, sissies like you need to be primed and ready for public humiliation at all times, don’t you think? It’s a vital part of your sissy training, baby!

If you ever forget your manners or if I just feel like laughing at your utter embarrassment, I’ll make sure to gather my super hit-squad of hot girlfriends. First, we’ll seek you out. It doesn’t matter where you are when we find you.

Next, we’ll forcibly strip you of your silly real-man costume. Can you imagine it, sissy?

And yes, it’s definitely a “costume.” After all, everyone knows that sissies don’t get to wear “manly” attire! One day, you’re right in the middle of an important meeting at work. Suddenly, a gang of beautiful young college girls bursts into the room and pins you down on the floor. While you struggle and squirm, we’ll tear your clothes off in front of your colleagues. It doesn’t matter how much you beg and plead, that “successful male” outfit is coming OFF.

Because we’re efficient like that, we’ve even brought scissors in order to cut your pants, tie, and jacket to ribbons. It goes without saying that this will happen as you lie there helpless in your intimate apparel. Wow, can you hear the laughter? Your female boss and all your coworkers are practically in hysterics!

Oh, and just so everyone knows how much you enjoy this kind of humiliation, we’ll unlock you from your cock cage. Or is that a “clitty cage?” 😂

Once we’ve let your little stiffy out, everyone will know how much you crave being stripped in public, won’t they?

Perhaps I’ll pull those white, silky panties back up over your saluting “tiny dancer” and make you stand there in the middle of the conference room. It’s important to reveal the laughable little tent you’re pitching so everybody can see that you actually get off on being our sissified little bitch. Matter of fact, you crave it!

Once you’ve been stripped in public like this, we’ll expose you as the humiliated sissy whore that you truly are. Once we’ve assured your complete degradation, we’ll add the cherry on top of your proverbial “sissy sundae.” Have you guessed it? Of course! After that, my besties and I will simply walk out and leave you to face everyone!

Imagine that, abandoned and stuck at work in nothing but women’s undies!

Even better, you’ll find that your phone or wallet are now missing. So that you can’t even sneak out of there, I took them with me when we left. Indeed, your only choice will be to beg your boss and coworkers for help. How very humiliating. Oooh, the mixture of arousal and shame you must be feeling right now!

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