Sissy training is not just something you’ve thought about. Indeed, it’s time to realize your potential!

Sissy training – You’ve tried to make yourself forget how much you need me to feminize you. It all started when I caught you jerking off with my silky peach panties in your office. Remember when you realized that you were the star in what’s become one of my fave real sex stories? Because you didn’t want me to report you to the Dean, you begged me to tell you what you could do to earn my silence.

Ever since then, you’ve become my own personal fucktoy. Haven’t you, Professor?

Although occasionally you offer a token protest or two, you simply can’t get enough of how I dominate you. Even more, you’re discovering how fulfilling it is to do everything I tell you. First of all, you must wear panties and stockings under your suit at all times. Since you’re my sissy bitch, it’s important to dress accordingly, right?

Secondly, I’ve locked up that pathetic clitty. Yes, your clitty. You don’t expect me to call that tiny thing a cock, do you?? Anyway, it’s fun to twirl the key around my finger during class. Admit it, you really need to be reminded just who is in charge here. One hint: It isn’t you! 😂

Thirdly, it’s amusing as FUCK to toy with you during class. And I do mean “toy” in the literal sense!

How, you might ask? Well, I often drop by your office before class to “help” you prepare the day’s lecture. What do I mean by “prepare?” Starting today, I’ve decided you’ll wear an additional, hidden reminder of who is TRULY in control. After making you pull down your panties and bend over your desk, I slowly insert a medium-sized butt plug deep into your ass.

After all, being able to take it up the ass is essential to your sissy training!

However, this won’t be your only sissy challenge today. As you stand up there at the podium, you attempt to lecture coherently despite your tightly-locked clit cage and the thick anal plug. You stutter your way into your next sentence, startled by the sudden vibrations licking at your prostate.

Glancing in my direction, you see that I’m playing with something. As the vibrations abruptly shift into high gear, you realize two things. One, it’s going to be a very long day. Two, sissy training is proving to be more than you bargained for, but it’s exactly what you need.

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