I hadn’t had any pics taken of myself in a few years, and a friend of mine had gotten some taken that she showed me and I was really impressed with them. They weren’t just regular pics, they were those glamour ones, you know, where they have special lighting and filters and a makeup artist do you up, they were really fantastic looking, and I decided to go as well.

I’d gotten slinky, tight dress for it, and when the photographer came in the room, he was a really distinguished looking man. He had me pose in all kinds of interesting positions and in some of them I was practically spilling out of the low cut wrap dress. I didn’t;t want to chance any panty lines in the pics, so I’d decided it was easier to just forgo underwear entirely. One of the poses he got me in, he realized as well that I wasn’t wearing any. He seemed a bit flustered, but didn’t say anything and I smirked realizing he’d just gotten a flash of my bare pussy when the wrap dress opened up a bit.


I was having fun in some of the positions he was placing me in, because I well knew I could exaggerate them and further flash him with my naughty bits. I could see a growing bulge in his pants and I knew for certain he was getting aroused. After the session was over and I was getting up to leave, he said not so fast. He knew what I was up to, behaving that way and coming in with no panties on. I pretended to not know what he was talking about and said he had no idea what I had on or not under my dress. He said he was used to women teasing him as he worked. I felt playful, and I undid the wrap dress so he could see I was indeed nude under it.

He advanced towards me and grabbed me and kissed me hard, grabbing my breast and pinching the nipple. He pulled off the dress and laid me back on the lounging sofa that was there as a prop and climbed on top of me and I could feel his hard cock against my thigh. He unzipped his pants and that cock was out in a flash and jammed into my pussy before I knew what was happening. I was a bit shocked, but not too upset about it. He began to roughly thrust himself inside of me and I wrapped my legs around him tightly as we fucked right there in his studio. I felt my creeping wetness start to soak his cock and make it all slippery.

I was flipped on all fours and he pounded me hard as he cupped my tits in his hands. I could feel the orgasm welling up inside of me with thrust after thrust in my cunt. Little drops of wetness seeped down my thighs and his balls slapped against me and I came all of a sudden, clenching his dick in my pussy and he shot his load in me with a grunt. We lay panting on the sofa, catching our breath, and he told me I’m not the first woman that’s come in there and teased him by flashing my bits at him. I laughed and got up and dressed and went home. The pics arrived a few days ago and are beautiful.

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