Recently, it has come to my attention that my hubby is now a straying husband. Of course, I am not happy about it. Sure, I get around but that is my right.  I mean, look at me.

I am absolutely gorgeous. It would be a shame to deny others of my amazingness. However, my husband is just an average man. What the hell is he doing cheating with a babe like me for a wife.

Our sex life is quite healthy. In fact, we fuck like rabbits. So, his infidelity is going to cost him. I am hosting a revenge cuckold party in his honor. That’s right, he is going to watch me fuck other men.

My straying husband doesn’t have to see my bad behavior normally.

I make sure to keep cheating wife activity discreet for his sake. However, now that he is out there fucking others, he is going to pay the price tonight! I have multiple men coming over for the fun.

One of our neighbors is a gorgeous man with a BBC. I am sure he is going to love getting inside me. He is always hitting on me but I have said no because he is too close to home.

Max, the BBC, is going to show my hubby what a real cock looks like and then shove it deep inside my pussy. And, now that I have a straying husband, there is no such thing as too close to home.

I can’t wait to see the look on my husband’s face!

He has no clue I know about his cheating. I am not the average wife that blows up with anger immediately. Oh, no, I enjoy holding in my anger and planning out my revenge so it is a surprise.

I think it is also time for my hubby to get some of my brutal busty MILF humiliation. It is normally used for the losers I encounter in life. However, now that he is on my shit list, he is getting it too.

What on earth was my straying husband thinking? The woman he is banging isn’t even close to my sexiness. In fact, she is butt ugly. Perhaps, he needed a step down to feel like a better version of himself.

No matter, he is going to be sorry tonight.

I tell my husband, I want some naughty play tonight. He lets me handcuff him to the bed. As the men start arriving, my husband is looking clueless as to what is happening.

Once all three of my male guests are here, we start making out in front of my husband. He is getting mad and calling me names. I turn, look him in the eyes and ask about his new girlfriend and him being a straying husband.

He is blushing. The attitude is gone now as he is apologizing. I tell him it is too late. It is time he sees me in my element with these other men. I undress them and show him Max’s giant cock.

Of course, the other two guys have huge dicks as well and my straying husband is almost weeping.

All of them bigger than my hubby. He is begging me to stop as they are exploring my body with their hands. As they bend me over to do a spit roast, he starts crying.

I start teasing him and telling him he is a fucking baby. And, what a loser he is for what he did. He watches as two of the cocks slide in and out of my mouth and tight pussy.

Of course, my straying husband is full of regret. And the night is just starting!

Hahaha! Want to play with this naughty girl, call me now!

Straying Husband