When I was younger, I always passed up on reading strangulation sex stories.

It always seemed odd to me that in these strangulation sex stories, someone would feel “heightened sensations” or their eyes would see spots. I didn’t understand what all the rage was.

Still, I was always willing to experiment. Strangulation basically meant no air or less air getting into your mouth, and that would be easy enough. At the time, I always masturbated in the bathroom. In there, it was easy to spread my legs under the bath faucet and let the water run over my clit. So wrapping something around my neck? Good to go.

The First Experiments

The first thing I did was put a washcloth over my mouth. I figured that I’d want something I could easily slip off. So, I placed it over my face and let the water cascade down my legs and straight onto my clit. It always felt so fucking wonderful– a warm, slow buildup that teased my clit just right. I’d often have to move my hips to chase the feeling, but I loved the power that flowed out of that faucet. Overall, I’d take the faucet over the showerhead any day.

All of this means that while I was letting the water run over my clit, my washcloth drew damp and heavy. I hadn’t anticipated that. My breathing became heavier as my mouth strained for any good air outside the washcloth. Suddenly, I understood what the feeling was about. While my lungs gasped for air, my body began to float. Then, there were no sensations other than my lightheadedness and my raging pussy. I came and came all over myself.

The Second Set

After a few times in the bathroom with the washcloth, I turned to hardcore sex sites for help. I knew something needed to be wrapped around my neck, but I didn’t have any rope to use. Plus, I wasn’t sure I could get out of it easily.

So, instead, I went for two items. I moved my hands into one of my hair ties, twisting it so I couldn’t move them. Then, using two hands as one, I wrapped a strip of a cotton t-shirt around my neck. I gave myself enough room to breathe before I decided to secure it.

Well, while securing it, the wrap went a little tighter than I expected. Still, I could breathe, so I let it be. I went to the bath lightheaded. I turned on the faucet, my body sliding into its normal place, my legs spread up in the air. My tied-together hands held onto my strip of cloth around my neck.

It didn’t take long for the water to run hot, as my pussy demanded more and more attention and caresses. The hot water pooled in the tub, making a bath. My hair began to float as the bath filled, my nipples perked in the air not from chill but from arousal.

And suddenly, I couldn’t breathe.

What Happened

The hot water of the bath had shrunk the cotton fabric. My head was lighter than ever. Those black spots I thought impossible began to flash in front of my eyes. My mouth was gasping as my hands pulled.

That only served to tighten the strip of cotton.

My body, stuck between breathing and coming, suddenly pushed everything into coming. Electricity slid down my body as my legs trembled, my pussy squirting out its orgasm against the wall. I lay there for a few moments before my body remembered it needed to breathe.

So I called out to my older brother for scissors in the bathroom. He brought them, no questions asked. After, I always made sure to bring them with me. That way, I’d never have a negative ending to my strangulation sex stories again. 


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Strangulation Sex Stories