Meeting a Sexy Stranger

Have you ever met someone that just pulls you in by all of your senses at once? I have. Our eyes met across a room full of people. I saw him standing there with his drink in his hand and his green eyes gazing into mine. He wasn’t a tall man, nor was he the hottest in the room. However, he had me from the moment I saw him. This stranger would be the man to make me feel it all tonight. I knew that I just had to get closer to him. Every bit of my being was telling me that making sweet love to this man was what I needed most in the world.

Feeling Their Touch

It was as if we were magnetic. The stranger set his drink down and the two of us made our way across the floor and into each other’s arms. My strapless purple dress matched well with his slightly unbuttoned white dress shirt. Without a word, my arms were wrapped around his neck and his hands were cupping my luscious ass cheeks. Our bodies molded into one on the dance floor and we were basically making sweet love to each other to the sound of the music. We didn’t have a care in the world about the mass amount of people around us. We knew that it just felt right.

Your Place or Mine

Last call came around and the lights were starting to come back on in the club. It was then that I could finally see the most handsome stranger standing in front of me completely. Neither of us wanted to let go of the warm embrace of the other. That’s when I whispered into his ear,

“Your place or mine?”

The sexy grin that made its way to his handsome chiseled face made my panties even wetter. I didn’t care where we went as long as we were making sweet love soon! Our hands locked together as he led me out of the club and into his car nearby. I kissed him deeply as he reached across me and buckled me in. It was the small acts of kindness that made me realize tonight would be different from the normal casual hookups I have endured. His house wasn’t far and when we pulled up, he opened the door for me to get out.

Making Sweet Love to My Sexy Stranger

Hand in hand, we made it inside of his house. You could imagine us as two newlyweds on the night of their wedding. The moment the door latched, I was picked up off of the floor and wrapped firmly around his waist. There was so much passion that was flooding our bodies. We barely made it to the bedroom before both of us were completely naked and still wrapped around each other. The stranger laid me down gently on his bed and started to kiss me soft and deep. By this point in a normal hookup, the man would have cum already. But this man was set on making sweet love to me and I was all for it.

Please, Fuck Me

His kisses covered every inch of my body and his strong hands seemed to follow each one as if he were pressing them into my skin to last longer. By this point, I was dripping wet with excitement and his cock was rock hard. His mouth found my sweet bald pussy and he covered it in kisses as well. I moaned loudly as he parted my pussy and tasted my wetness. His tongue was so talented. This man knew how to eat pussy! After making me cum twice, my legs were shaking on top of his shoulders. That’s when I begged,
“Please, fuck me!”

Passion and Patience

He slowly made his way up my body, keeping my legs draped over his shoulders. I kissed my sweet cum off of his lips as the head of his cock pressed against my dripping wet thighs. Making sweet love to a stranger can often be so much more satisfying than a good hard fuck. Finding the right one is the hard part. It was my lucky night for sure. Just then, I felt his hard head start to press against my tight hole. I was wet and ready for some sensual love making. He pressed into me slow and steady.

I Never Even Caught His Name

Our breathing was heavy and the passion was so hot. As our bodies started to push and pull against each other, I felt him deep inside of me. I kissed him some more until finally, I felt his cock release inside of me. He stayed in my now cum filled pussy as we kissed and laughed together. I knew it would soon be time for me to leave my sexy stranger and go home. Though we would never meet again, making sweet love to him was the best sex I have had in so long. I never even caught his name.

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