Our Special Anniversary Night

I have planned out our anniversary out in my head for months now, and it is finally time to show you everything I have set up for us. I know you like to be the one to plan these things but this is my way of showing you how much I appreciate you. Our evening will start with a romantic candlelit dinner at the place where we had our first date. Then we can go to our favorite spot in the city, you know the one. It’s the beautiful water fountain with the statue of the couple madly in love with one another. We have us a room at the fanciest hotel I could find, and I hope we can spend our time together,  and share all of the sensual love making our hearts desire.

Red Dress, Red Lips, Red Wine

I dress myself up so beautiful for you and our anniversary night I have planned. I am wearing that long, body-hugging, red dress with the slit down the leg that you bought me for my birthday just a few weeks ago. The way the dress accents my curves will drive you crazy, I just know it. Your mind will skip straight to the sensual lovemaking before we even get our first glass of wine for the night. You look so handsome in that new suit of yours. Follow me, baby, we have quite the night planned.

As I sit across from you, your eyes begin to travel my body like an explorer with a treasure map. You can’t stop staring at my red lips sipping my glass of red wine. Your little smirk drives me crazy, my love. Just a wink from you would have my panties soaking wet in the middle of this restaurant. Please be patient. I promise our sensual lovemaking session will be worth the wait.

I Crave You The Way You Crave Me

As we finish our meals and start to head for the door, I feel your hand on the small of my back and it has me craving you so much right now. It’s not time yet, my love. We need to stop by our fountain. I want to feel all of our memories of falling in love with each other to take control and remind us how perfect our lives have been with one another in it. As we start to share intimate kisses at our spot in the park, we can’t hold ourselves any longer. Both of our minds and bodies are craving that sweet sensual lovemaking to end our perfect night.

Sensual Love Making

We get to our room and there is no more containing this uncontrollable urge to rip your clothes off of your body. Your lips are trailing my body now. Kissing and sucking on my neck and sliding the dress off of my shoulders to have access to my sweet and perky nipples. Taking them into your mouth makes my knees start to shake beneath me. You notice and lay me back onto our new bed for the next few days. Finally, our sensual love making part of the night is here.

Soft moans and curious hands have us left without words. I start to strip you of your shirt and work my way down to your pants as our lips continue doing what they do best. I feel you pressing against my soft pussy lips with your hard cock. You moan out an “I love you” before fully entering yourself inside of me. You feel so good, baby. Our sweet and sensual lovemaking has never been this intense. You and I are living out our phone play fantasies we share, but this time fully engaging it in person.

Just You, Me, and Sweet Sweet Love Making

Distance does make our hearts grow fonder, and the times you are away on business I am so glad we can still make love over the phone. But, I have to say, I am so glad we are here, right now, in this room making love with one another. I can feel you edging closer. I am too. Don’t worry if you finish soon. We have an entire weekend for our sensual lovemaking. All of the orgasms we will share. There is enough wine in here that we will never have to leave. Room service has already been given a schedule for our meals. I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives in love, my dear. Happy Anniversary!

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