Can there ever be too many stories about sex?

We all have them, some great, some good, some exotic and some just plain bad. Perhaps that’s what makes phone sex therapy such a good idea. With some good stories about sex, we can let our fantasies free, let our imaginations wander. What would the lady next door taste like? That 6’5 guy from the gym, how big is his dick? So many stories about sex; like the time one of my son’s friends asked me to play out a fantasy with him. I did. Does my son know that story where I fucked his best friend on the side of the road wearing nothing but an open coat, in my stockings and stilettos, right there in the snow?

There are those first-time stories about sex:

Mine? I didn’t even know the name of the body parts involved yet! Neither did he. But I’m a fast learner of eroticism and sensuality.  There are the first time I learned what my clit did, what cum looks like dribbling from the corners of my mouth. The first time I bet over and spread stories, both from males and females. We all have THAT story too, the one we wouldn’t ever want anyone to know. In a situation like this, I’ll keep your naughty secrets and we’ll have a little phone sex therapy. I can never hear too many sex stories. They make me squirm and wiggle, touch myself and moan out loud.  I heard a great one about five couples on a sailboat today, the story had me grinding my pussy against the couch.

Bring on More Stories about sex!

Always need to be stimulating, juices flowing, cum dribbling, lip biting sensuality in the form of words.  I want to imagine a sexy, hot, steamy scene that leaves my panties damp or see my lover’s stiff cock bulge  There are times when I want to be teased by a cock, waiting, anticipating for that boner to thrust into me. Other times I’d like it erotic, trying new tastes off each other’s bodies by candlelight, where eventually, we’re both the main course.   On occasion, I’d love to be held down and hammered by a gang bang, while fighting off the orgasm I shouldn’t be having.  And who doesn’t love great mature sex stories? You never know what might happen next! In fact, let’s take off these clothes and write a new story.

The Best Phone Sex